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‘Down the Road’ performance reminds us ‘It’s a mad world’

By Patrick Adams

The Ammerman campus theater department’s first production of the year has arrived. Lee Blessing’s “Down The Road” gives insight into the mind of a serial killer and two writers hired to write his story.

Bill Reach brutally killed 19 people and is planning to have a book made of his accounts but can Iris and Dan Henniman handle the stress of listening as Bill tells them how he killed  and as he plays mind games by saying there were more victims? Journalists do anything for a story, but how far will you go to get this story?

(from left to right) David Morrissey, Adriana Amaya, Jarrett Culotta

(from left to right) Ryan Ruland, David Morrissey, Adriana Amaya, Jarrett Culotta

The play directed by Steven Lantz Gefroh brings veteran actor David Morrissey who blew audiences away as Leslie in Seascape last year and now plays the role of Bill Reach with Adriana Amaya who plays Iris Henniman and Jarrett Culotta who plays Iris’s husband Dan Henniman, who are both starring for the first time in a campus production.

 Amaya and Culotta might be new to the Shea Theater stage, but their chemistry on stage would make you think they were on Broadway.

“I would really think they were dating and not acting.” Bridget Schweitzer said when asked about the performance “I also jumped and screamed a little when the guard was knocking on the door”.

Stage 119 in the Islip Arts Building is a 70 person theater and with a small theater you really feel like you’re in the play. As Ray O’Conner a freshman from Nassau Community College puts it “That was amazing!I thought I was watching a real movie.”

The only thing that was wrong with this production was the A/C; the theater was a little warm. Or as Jillian Landwersiek said “I felt like I was at the beach with no wind.” Or Megan Lemaire “There was sweat coming down my forehead. I felt gross.”

Even with the heat of the theater,  the cast and crew did what they do best and won the crowd and received a standing ovation. “The cast really made their roles their own” is what a theater patron was telling his girlfriend. This play that has been out since Oct. 7and has not yet sold out but as for the theater departments House Manager Iris Mosher said “It’s always a full house but hasn’t sold out yet, but it always sells out toward the end.”

Down The Road will have two more performances before the show’s end. Saturday, Oct. 15  at 8pm and Sunday Oct. 16 at 2pm. Tickets will be available one hour prior to performance and for SCCC students there is no charge and $8 for non SCCC students. Due to the graphic nature of this play it is not recommended for younger viewers. “Down the Road’s” run time is 1 hour and 40 minutes with a 10 minute intermission.

The theater department’s next performance “The Man Who Came To Dinner” by Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman is a comedy for everyone. “The Man Who Came To Dinner” is playing at Shea Theater in the Islip Arts Building at the Ammerman Campus November 17, 18, 19, 20, 26 and 27 at 8 p.m.and November 21 and 28 at 2 p.m.. For directions or to ask a question call the theater department of SCCC at (631)451-4163 or visit

English Professor’s Death Shocks College Community


The life of Dr. Shonda Wilson, associate professor of English, will be memorialized Oct. 20 during common hour in room 126 of the Smithtown Science Building on the Ammerman Campus.

By Matthew Kogut

Dr. Shonda Wilson, 39, died unexpectedly on Sept. 23 after suffering from what was believed to have been a blood clot in her lung. She was an Associate Professor of English at Suffolk County Community College (SCCC) teaching classes that ranged from Developmental Writing to Advanced Expository Writing.

Originally from Thomasville, Georgia, she received her B.A. in English from the University of Notre Dame and her Masters degree and Ph.D. in English literature from Stony Brook University. She taught at SCCC for more than 10 years and also previously worked at the Eastern Campus. 

 Wilson was a part of SCCC’s Title III Project Administration from 2002 to 2004 and was appointed to serve as an Online Faculty Mentor for the Spring 2010 semester under Distance Education. She was also a member of the Ammerman Senate Ammerman Campus Technology Committee.

“All I can say is that Shonda lived her life the way we all should; learning as much as she could, caring so much that she spent most of her life learning how to help others the best way she could!…She touched many people’s lives in a very positive way. I even ran into friends of mine at the wake that knew Shonda for over 10 years and I never knew they were friends until I saw them at her wake. I’m sure Shonda is now helping us in spirit…” said Steve Ortiz-Rios, Network Administrator and Specialist of SCCC, who worked with Wilson on the Ammerman Senate Campus Technology Committee while he was chair of the committee.

Stephen O’Sullivan, President of the Ammerman Faculty Senate noted that Wilson was on the Senate’s Technology Committee from its beginning in 2007,  and before that she was a member of the College Computing Council. She also belonged to several organizations, including the Modern Language Society and the National Association of African American Studies.

Communications Professor Princess Williams, a friend of Wilson’s for eight years, remembers the kind of person she was and many conversations they had together on how to make things better for students and teachers alike. When new adjuncts were hired, they worked together on the new adjunct orientation, and Wilson’s part was always to help teachers teach in different and effective ways.

“She knew her stuff and had high standards for her students,” said Williams. “She was here to teach her students how to write and express themselves. She knew how to reach her students. She was dedicated to her students, dedicated to teaching, and dedicated to the college.”

Williams referred to her friend as a “quiet power” who never spoke up unless she felt she needed to. As much of a “quiet power” that she was, she was also a very private person and was a person who was very dynamic.

“That’s just who she was,” Williams said.

Wilson was very involved in her faith as well. She was a member of Perfecting Faith Church in Freeport.

“She helped to homeless of her church and was there to help the senior citizen community. She was there to help spread the gospel,” Williams said.

Wilson was known as being a humble woman. “Shonda was so humble that her Pastor of over 10 years stated that he didn’t even know Shonda was Dr. Shonda Wilson until the day of her wake.” Ortiz-Rios said.

Williams recalled how Wilson never talked negatively about anybody.  She was always very “alternative” in the way she communicated. She offered an alternate way of looking at things whenever there was an issue or a problem that needed to be fixed. Williams also included, “Shonda had a beautiful smile that lit up. I am honored to have had the opportunity to have known her and to have been in her presence.”

Jeanette Bravo, Campus Associate Dean of Academic Affairs – Campus Operations, expressed her thoughts on a woman’s life cut way too short.

“Although I have been with the college for 30 years, it wasn’t until last year that I became acquainted with Shonda on a more personal level. I had the distinction of working with her on some committees, but most recently on Distance Education. As the campus mentor in DE, she took her role seriously and provided the DE faculty with many excellent ideas for faculty to augment their courses. Periodically she conducted workshops and invited veterans like myself to participate in panel discussions…She maintained a level of integrity in her courses, and was not concerned about being the most popular instructor, but more concerned about teaching her students and taking them to the highest level of learning. She was fun, you could enjoy a great laugh with her, and there was no doubt she loved her family,” Bravo said.

“In summary, she was a lady of integrity and kindness, who loved her family and deeply cared for her students. She lived her short life with religious convictions, and I will miss her for a very long time.” Bravo said. Wilson, single woman, had no family from the New York area.

A memorial service was held for her on Oct. 1 on Long Island and on Oct. 9 in her hometown of Thomasville, Georgia. There will be a memorial held in her honor on Oct. 20 from 11:a.m. to 12:15p.m. in room 126 of the Smithtown Science Building for those who wish to express their feelings and memories on a woman who died too young.

Financial Aid Fumbles, Frustrates Students

By Brandon Mazzei

Students in need of information regarding their standing with the Financial Aid office at Suffolk Community College may want to begin clearing their schedules now.

With the influx of new students, resources at Suffolk have become scarce. From larger class sizes, to a lack of adequate parking, students at Suffolk have been experiencing the growing pains of a developing community college firsthand.

A major downturn in the US economy has forced high school graduates looking to enroll in fall classes to consider their options in regard to attending local state universities. These universities are prefaced by the SUNY acronym, indicating that it is an official State University of New York. State Universities are generally much more affordable than private colleges, a selling-point that weighs heavy on the minds of financially conscious applicants.

 Boasting its claim as one of the top community colleges in the country, Suffolk is a popular first-choice for students looking to pursue a more humble college experience. Obvious upsides include a relatively inexpensive tuition, as well as the opportunity to commute to class from home, rather than living out of the traditional college dorm. This allows many attendees to maintain their friends, jobs, and love interests while still pursuing a degree in higher education.

While Suffolk may seem like a match made in heaven for some, others are crying foul. With the beginning of the college year comes many new financial aid applications which must be sifted through and reviewed by the diligent secretaries that comprise the financial aid office. These applications allow students to see if they are eligible to receive grant money to cover either a part of their tuition or potentially the entire cost of enrollment.

Also, the Financial Aid office is responsible for handling all of the necessary paperwork that goes into supplying student loans to those in need. A hefty workload indeed, consultants working for the office have found it difficult to keep up with the challenges presented by a growing campus population.

“I’ve never seen that many kids here before. It’s ridiculous,” said Jason Duckfield, a former student. After taking one look at the line that stretched around the corner of the Financial Aid Office, he decided it was in his best interest to perhaps come back another day, when the line would surely be shorter and their would be less of a wait. Duckfield said he was looking for information on how to settle his balance on past loans with the college.

He offered up some meaningful insight into how the college may have operated just a few years prior. “When I went here in ‘03, there was still a lot of students, but things didn’t seem so congested…I was shocked how long the line was just to talk to someone from the office, and of course they never answer their phones, so I had to come down here” he said. “Plus it doesn’t help matters that they only have one secretary assisting a line of what must be 30 or 40 students, it’s just not practical.”

When contacted regarding the effectiveness of calling the Financial Aid office to obtain information rather than coming down in person, Secretary Colleen McEnanney explained “The only information we can release over the phone is general information. We have to be careful about what kind of information we give out.” Indeed, stringent laws prevent the release of most information over the phone, rendering it an ineffective means of communication in regard to the Financial Aid Office.

Michaeal Pizzitola, a prospective student at Suffolk ran into a roadblock while applying for fall classes. After being denied financial aid, Pizzitola was hopeful that taking out a student loan would provide him the necessary capital to secure classes this fall. After being informed that his loan would not be processed for six-to-eight weeks, Pizzitola was left in a troublesome position. His options included borrowing the enrollment funds from family or friends, or waiting until the spring semester started to begin classes.

Pizzitola offered up his take on the situation by stating that “last year it only took three weeks to process my loan request, and now it’s going to be more than double that. What has changed?”

Pizzitola is not alone, as many new students have been struggling to find a way to cover fall tuition, as well as other costs such as textbooks, without the aid of a timely loan from the college. To make matters worse, an increase in students has put more pressure on those working inside of the Financial Aid office, assuring that waits to speak with representatives remain substantially longer than they have been previously.

Unfortunately, there seems to be no easy fix in sight. Students are urged to visit the Suffolk website where a special section is dedicated to Financial Aid frequently asked questions. While this may do little to satisfy the collective appetite of those in need, it may prove to be useful in deterring students who may have come to the office to ask about a subject that has been previously covered online.

Until some radical changes are made to the Financial Aid Office, students may be forced to reconsider methods of covering college expenses without the immediate help of a student loan. As if that weren’t bad enough, excessive waits to speak with representatives have students turning to walk away. If this problem is not rectified in a timely manner, students will surely be left clamoring for solutions.

Parents Taking Caution on Halloween

By Barbra Donlon

Once a year you can roam the streets and find people of all ages dressed up trick or treating. What many don’t see is the danger that this can have.

Growing up we were always taught one thing: Never take candy from a stranger but on Halloween, what was drilled into our heads constantly growing up, is all thrown out the window.

Halloween is meant to be a fun holiday where people dress up as whatever they want and aren’t looked at in a weird way. It’s full of lots of candy, jack-o-lanterns and much more. With every good thing comes the bad.

“As a child I was always taught not to eat the candy until one of my parents check it,” says Kristina DiSanto, 24, a mother of a two-year-old.

Growing up it was very common to hear the words DiSanto mentioned. Parents were very cautious in past years and are still the same way in 2010.

In recent years, there have been so many ways of tampering with candy that it has become second nature to check the candy before the children eat it.

“I am a mother of three children and I always check the candy before I let them eat it. I would never take a chance. People are so crazy, I wouldn’t put poisoning candy above them,” says Patricia Casey, a mom getting ready for Halloween.

While the candy may be one of the best parts of the holiday, Ashley Schwartz, a mom of 2 doesn’t allow any in her home.

“I know the kids love to dress up and trick-or-treat and that is fine with me. I let them do whatever they would like but I always throw the candy out. I will buy candy from the store and allow them to have that and that is it. I know it’s safer that way.”

Not only is checking the candy before eating important, but over all safety is too. Around Halloween, it always gets darker than usual and children often find it more fulfilling to trick-or treat at night.

While trick-or-treating at night can be fun, it can also be dangerous. Costumes are often dark and could camouflage people and make it hard for people to see you. When someone is unable to see you that can only be a bad thing.

Stores sell a variety of lights that can be used to make you visible to everyone else. You can buy a flashing light, a reflecting light, or even a glow stick. Any of these is better than nothing.

Through the years there have been many tragedies on Halloween due to people not being visible by others. While having the light on may seem like a nuisance, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

On Halloween a lot of pranksters and jokester come out. A lot of creepers come out too. Always no matter what, walk in groups of friends. Never stay by yourself.

“I know on Halloween so many weirdo’s come out that even though my children are 13, 12 and 10, I never allow them to walk alone. Even if they are with friends, they still need an adult present,” says Casey.

It’s safe to say that on Halloween, all parents will be extra cautious. Anything out of the ordinary needs to be looked at. Nothing is too big or too small.

You never know who you are going to run into on any day, let alone Halloween. It’s a day where almost ‘anything’ goes and you can never be too safe. Always remember to check your candy, wear a light, and never walk alone.

Fans Await Season Six Of Supernatural

By Jennifer White

            For many fans it had been a very long couple of months! As they wait to hear the decision whether the cw-11’s hit show Supernatural; will be coming back for an explosive sixth season. The show which first aired in 2005 had been talked about for months as the writers and the creator of the show decide whether they want to bring it back for season six. It has been widely discussed since the middle of it‘s fifth season, because it was only written to be a five season show.

            The ratings ask otherwise, many loyal fans have talked about rumors of another season. Many saying, it should just end after season five, because it is a hit show and should go out a hit. Others think it should keep going, that it can sustain its top ratings with more seasons to come. Some even go as far as to say maybe the sixth season will be better than the last five.

            No matter the opinions of the fans, the show had finally announced to come back for a sixth season. This had many loyal fans happy and even the skeptical one’s know they will be excited to see what’s going to come of the show.

            The first episode of the season aired on September 24th 2010. I was excited to see it come back! I do believe the show should go out a hit; and I hoped they wouldn’t “cheese it up”, or make it not worth watching. I was afraid it would go downhill, but I as an avid fan I was as excited as anyone can be to hear it was coming back.

            When the first episode aired, I was shockingly not impressed. I mean after being a fan for over five years, I was not happy. I feel like it could have been so much better of a first episode. It was disheartening to see the change in the character’s personalities and lives. I think the aspects which made the characters loveable where diminished in this first episode.  The bonds they previously shared were not present; and their overall personalities were very different.

            So I figured I would wait for next week and see if maybe it would get better. As I watched the second episode, it got a little better. Yet it still was not as impressive as usual. It had more of the original aspects which made the show so great in the past. The two main characters Sam and Dean Winchester were working together as they normally did and fighting evil. I think the reason the beginning episode’s were not as good as the past episodes was because it didn’t have that original brotherly bond, fighting evil and saving the world . Not to mention the humanistic aspects as it originally had, it used to be very heartfelt and full of real emotion. It was easy to connect with but yet was very untouchable. The two aspects made the show very dynamic and extremely entertaining.   It was noted before the sixth season started that the writers were making this a sequel to the previous seasons. This may be the reason it is so different; and that it does not have the original characteristic of the other seasons.

             The show does have the same characters, but it is completely different in nature. I as a big fan of the previous seasons hope it goes back in the direction it used . This brings me to the third episode and the last to have aired thus far. This episode kind of satisfied me as a fan; because it was betters then the first two had been. I am not fully impressed and if you are an avid watcher of the show you would feel the same way.

            Overall this season has just started and I hope it gets a lot better. I hope the show goes back to having its core aspects. Chaos, close relationships and most importantly a brotherly bond; just as the previous seasons had. I hope it brings back better plots and original personalities of the main characters. In order to please me as a fan, I would love to see more of the original Winchester brothers. I give this season’s first three episodes a 5 out of 10. Not terrible but not as good as it used to be. The other seasons got 10 out of 10 in my book. The fact that I feel its quality went down by half is not showing good signs.

Students Relax on the De-Stress Express

By Alexander Helisek                                  

Life can be pretty hard sometimes, in fact sometimes it may be so tough that you have no idea what to do with yourself, and you have been completely overwhelmed with all kinds of feelings and confusion.  This usually would cause some stress in your life,and De-Stress Express has all the right answers for you.  Located at the Student Babylon Center, De-Stress Express setup areas where they would be able to give to the individual a massage.  The area was setup very nicely, with coffee tables and people to sit and relax to take a break out of their day if necessary.  People forget sometimes about the activities they have to do, just because they happen to be very busy.  Many students came and visited the area, looking for a way to relieve tension.

     After  the massage was finished, people were raving about the results and how amazing the massage actually was.  The area which was selected was absolutely perfect, because of the constant flow of students which pass through there.  That Babylon Student center has everything which can be seen as a wonderful break from the day, from food drinks and snacks, to massages and quiet areas. Stress can be coming from all sorts of things from family personal experiences, car trouble, grade trouble, health, fitness, mindset, all these things add to possibilities of having negative stress which can affect your body in a very negative way if left unattended.  Students are a very easy target for stress, for all the responsibilities that fall on their shoulders, in order to stay on top of their priorities. 

    I researched De-Stress a little more and found online that this company has been around since 1996, and has providing college students with a more serene environment since then.  This company does not only focus on the real art of just the massage, but to come up with other various ways the school can increase relaxation.  De-Stress Express has traveled to many school such as SUNY Maritime College, The University of Vermont, Villa Julie College, Simmons College, and possibly the most prestigious Georgetown University. 

If you find yourself stressed in your daily schedule, take a moment to relax.   Gather your thoughts and take a deep breath.  Some exercises can be counting  backwards from ten and then releasing air, Closing your eyes and thinking for a few  seconds, and relaxing all of your muscles.  These are quick ways to gather your thoughts  the next time you feel confused and flustered.  The De-Stress Express would be an  excellent commodity into your relaxation schedule.

College Student Obesity on the Rise

By Colleen Maidhof

As you rush out of your door for your morning class, you grab a donut and a cup of coffee. You are exhausted from the night before because you had worked overtime. When lunch-time comes around you grab some fast-food, quickly eat it, and then run back to class. After your classes are over for the day you begin to feel a crash coming on. There is no time for a nap because you have work. To resolve this problem you go to a vending machine and buy a candy bar; however, you know you will be regretting your unhealthy eating habits later on in the day, and considering whether to join a gym or not.

If this sounds familiar you’re not alone. Obesity has become a big fat problem in the U.S, and the risks of heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure are no longer worries for just the older population. Obesity is on the rise among younger adults.

By 2006, a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that 28.5 percent of Americans between the ages of 20 and 39 were obese. If you count those who are overweight or obese, it leaps to 57 percent.

 This may not seem like a big problem, but this represents a rather large increase over the 1994 rate of 15 percent.

Since 1991 the proportion of obese college-educated Americans increased by more than 49 percent according to a 2001 statistic from the CDC. While those with a high school education and below saw their obesity numbers increase by only about 42 percent during this period.

Why are so many young adults becoming obese? Students on the Ammerman campus believe fast-food, overeating, the lack of exercise, and lack of nutritional information of some foods are the main causes.

 “Students have a lot on their mind already, like work and college. I know that I try my hardest to do the best that I can do at everything thrown at me, and many other college students probably feel pressured like me. I know I should be eating healthier and exercising more, but I just can’t find the time. It bothers me, but it’s difficult to find time to go to a gym while working 3 jobs and going to classes full-time,” Said 22 year-old Fitness Specialist Major John Ortiz.

You can notice while driving that fast-food restaurants overpower the highways. Fast-food is constantly being advertised, it is low-priced, and it is fast. Fast and low-priced food can easily attract anyone on a low budget who is constantly on the go.

 “Healthier foods tend to be more expensive. I prefer fast-food over expensive food any day,” said Ortiz.

Even though a Wendy’s Value Meal may sound appealing the truth is that a Value “Double Stack Burger” has 360 calories alone. If you pair that with a “Value-Sized” Coca-Cola and a “Value-Sized” French Fri your total meal has an outstanding total of 680 calories, 70 MG of cholesterol, and 84 carbohydrates. Sure your meal is low-priced, but it is loaded with excess fat, carbohydrates, and cholesterol.

There are ways to eat healthier at fast-food restaurants. Most restaurants have nutrition charts. Nutrition charts are really important to pay attention to, especially the portion sizes even if you don’t need to lose weight. Most of the time average meals at restaurants have excess calories that our bodies don’t need. Americans tend to over eat, and a big cause of this is our portion sizes, explained Registered Nurse Agnes Hahn on the Ammerman Campus.

 “A lot of students over-eat. You see students carrying two giant slices of pizza, chips, and an energy drink to their tables from the café. It is obviously too much food, but they eat it anyway,” said 20-year old Liberal Arts Major Vicki Treacy.

Amongst blaming fast-food, lack of exercise, and over-eating, the lack of nutritional information in the Cafeteria can also be causing the problem of some student weight gain.

“I pay attention to nutrition fact charts that are provided for me at most restaurants. If Suffolk had nutrition fact charts in the café, I think students would be interested in what they were really consuming. It would be very beneficial in my opinion, and maybe it would get students to pay more attention to what they do consume on a daily basis” said Treacy.

Obesity and unhealthy eating habits amongst college students has become a real problem. Whether you blame your environment, yourself, or perhaps both, a major change needs to be made in college student eating habits. Such a giant increase in obesity can bring upon a frightening glimpse into the future of adults of this generation. Adults who are overweight are at risk for major health problems in their future.

 No matter what your excuse is, stress and obesity can cause a variety of health problems. A simple thing like a healthy diet, cutting down on some food intake, and some exercise can eliminate problems like these down the road, explained Hahn.

Suffolk Goes Pink for Victoria’s Secret

By Patrick Adams

In the world of fashion it is no secret that Pink is the New Black. Victoria’s Secret’s Pink Line is the new fashion for this year. Sept. 22 from 10-2 managers and employees of Victoria’s Secret were at the Babylon Student Center giving Students a chance to work at any one of the six locations in Suffolk and three in Nassau.

Managers from the Smith Haven Mall and the Walt Whitman Mall were at the center taking applications and giving interviews on the spot for employment to their stores. They also made appointments for students looking to work at the other locations.

Nick Kean the manager at the Smith Haven mall for the last three years was looking for both men and women over the age of 18 to work full-time.

When asked how it feels being a man in a lingerie store he simply replied “It wasn’t what I was expecting at all. I thought I would be an outcast in a female dominated store,” Kean said,”but customers find it more comforting shopping around men than the women workers.” Kean said he was also surprised in seeing more men applying than women. At the end of the day he was overjoyed in that 75 students applied and 48 of them were men.

“Most of the guys we hired today are most likely to be in the stock room and not the sales floor, but there’s always a chance that you can make it out of the stock room,” Kean said. And with that 30 percent employee discount a $300.00 outfit doesn’t seem so much money.


Spot is the new face of Victoria’s Secrets Pink Line.

Erica Mosby is the Manager at the Walt Whitman mall (Huntington) and her store got eight more employees at the job fair.

“My store gets 30 applications a week but everyone is under the age of 18, that’s why we go to colleges to seek employment.” Mosby has been to Nassau Community College, St. Johns College, and Farmingdale State University, and she agreed that out of all the turn out from all the colleges she said “Suffolk students are the most energetic and willing to work full time.”

If you missed the opportunity to join the Victoria Secret team, you can visit any store and fill out an application, or you can call the Career Services and Cooperative Education Offices at 451-4049

Do You Want To Become Victoria’s Next Secret?

By Matthew Kogut 

Oh, to be young, thin, and beautiful!!! It is the era in which we are living in today, it is what our culture is obsessed with. Becoming a Victoria’s Secret model, or any kind of model for that matter, it is very demanding. But what about the rest of us? What about the people who are not good enough? Do you have to change how you look in order to conform with our society? If any one of us wants to become a model, how much do we have to change? In order to be liked, does that mean we must change the way we look? The definition of beautiful in the modeling world, the only way to get anywhere means you have to have the looks. We also see that in Hollywood. In Hollywood, it is all about the young, hot, and beautiful. Since it is all about the young, hot, and beautiful in Hollywood, they might as well make a soap opera called the Young, Hot, and Beautiful!! It is also common knowledge that in Hollywood, once you hit 40, you’re too old!!!

It is not much different in our society today. A lot has seeped through the magazine and billboards of Victoria’s Secret and from Hollywood into our everyday life. People have become obsessed with looking thin and pretty and the same way with the guys too, not just the girls. You have to be hot, with the abs and stay fit but in this male dominated world, we all know that men do indeed have longer staying power. It is the sad truth but it is just another reason why I think there is a problem in today’s society.

I think the problem with today’s society is that we are obsessed with the way we look and it is effecting how we treat other people. I think that you do have to be thin and you do have to be pretty in order to be liked. I am sure it is more common among women than it is men, and sexism is another story for another time, but I feel the effects of how Hollywood and the way we view the models from Victoria’s Secret are infiltrating our society. I am trying to find a boyfriend myself and I am going there are many different ways of going about getting one and the internet is one of those ways. If I am not mistaken, either one-in-four or one-in-five relationships stem from the internet. I wish I was that lucky. At the mere mentioning of my size and how I am not the thinnest tool in the shed, a perspective boyfriend quickly states I am “not their type” and that is the end of our conversation and I never hear from them again. I know it is not the end of the world for me but for some people, it is.

You see every day young girls wearing short shorts and now it seems to me the younger the girls are, the shorter the shorts. Evidence of this can be seen in schools across America. In order to have a lot of friends, you have to look good. You have to dress right and look a certain way. Does the movie “Mean Girls” sound familiar to anyone? I find this very sad and highly disappointing.

Some of these young girls are also developing eating disorders in order to look like those famous actresses and supermodels that they admire so much. You also see grown women visiting the offices of plastic surgeons across the country who want surgeries in order to look like those famous actresses and supermodels that they also highly adore. It seems like young women, even younger than 18, feel like there is something wrong with them and they rush to the operating table in order to get something “fixed” that is not even fully developed yet. Does the name Heidi Montag sound familiar to anyone?

Don’t get me wrong, I will be the first one to admit that what I see on television and among the pages of Victoria’s Secret has affected me. I have my self-esteem issues and my insecurities about the way I look because of what I see but on the other hand, I am sure every single one of us can point something out on our bodies we might not like. That is just human nature. But I find it unnecessary that we have to go to great lengths in order to make ourselves look “perfect.” What is perfect anyway? That is something I am going to have to let you decide. But all of us were made they way we look today for a reason and if we were all meant to be supermodels, then we would have been made to do so.

Managing The Cost Of Textbooks


By Jennifer White

Many students here on campus feel that the costs of textbooks are getting too pricey; especially in such hard economic times. Some students say it is because many of the professors are publishing their own books. These professor’s with books that are published start demanding that the students buy their textbooks in order to keep up in class, which means students are forced to buy them. Others claim it is the bookstore trying to make a bigger profit. No matter the reasons why, outrageous book prices are becoming a large problem.

“It’s is odd for me to have to pay for text books. I mean I just graduated from high school where they supplied the books for us. I think if the college some how did that it would make all of our lives a lot easier. It would save us hundreds of dollars each semester”. Said Alex Leon; a new student on campus. Many students like Alex, are distressed at the amount of extra money being spent. “Sometimes, it’s hard to get the money. I mean I work and pay for my own education, so an extra couple of hundred a semester is hard to come by. Those extra hundreds on top of tuition is a lot. It means I have to work longer hours and still find time for my school work. It is not easy at all, and I am sure I am not the only one.” Alyssa Antola said about the cost of textbooks.

What many students get bothered by the most is professor’s that publish textbooks and make profits off the class buying them. The most frustrating part about it for many students is that the books they are demanded to buy; are not cheap, many professors ask top price for the books. “I had one teacher who told the class; not to buy used books. The professor told us not sell the books back either because she wanted us to write in them. To get the most out of the class, she told us we needed to make notes. I personally don’t think she cared about our education. I think she cared more about making a profit off her book.  By selling the books back and buying them used they are significantly cheaper. It is comical how ridiculous and greedy some people can be. Make us work extra hours so they can make a few more bucks. Then complain when the work is not turned in on time”.  Said; Tara Menten, a 3rd year student at the college. Not everyone here on campus feels the same way; about teacher’s publishing their own books. Professor Christopher J. Kosciuk SCCC Department of Philosophy said; “The only circumstance in which doing so would be wrong, by my reckoning, is if the sole or even primary, intention of the teacher in question were the generation of additional income for herself and not the enhancement of her course. If you know teachers who assign their books primarily for this reason, then there may be in such cases genuine ethical wrong doing. I myself know of none”.

Many students spend all semester not writing in their books; they try to not scuff them or rip them. They try to keep them in perfect condition, because they want and need that money back. The problem here is that even an excellent conditioned book most likely is only sold back for 25% or less of the amount you paid for them. In some cases they won’t even take the books back; claiming they are an old edition. This leaves students stuck with the cost and a book they no longer need! “If you ask me it’s all a scam, I mean they nickel and dime us and make everything harder. When we go to sell our books back, it turns into a lose, lose situation”. Said, Tara Menten, 

High textbook prices occur for a wide range of reasons and everyone has a personal opinion on it. If it’s not the professor it’s the bookstore, or maybe both. There are resources to work around this high costing problem; but how good are these problem solvers. That is if they are problem solvers at all! Many students say going online to buy books it a lot cheaper. Websites like or are known for buying cheaper books. Many of these websites are a very good tool; some students have said they got their textbooks for less then half the price. “Its’ concerning that the bookstore sells books for double the price of many other stores. I would shop around before going to the campus bookstore” said Dan, a new student here on campus.

Where there is a deal there is always a scam! Keep that in mind when shopping for textbooks as well. Many of students have fallen victim to online textbook scams. Which makes many people feel more comfortable buying at their own school’s store? When shopping online make sure the website is valid and check the ratings. is known for textbook buying problems, they are widely complained about. The best way to be safe when buying online is to ask around. Find out from your fellow students what the best site’s are. Many students said and; are very reliable and they sell their books for cheaper prices.

The college isn’t fully slacking on making the textbook matters better. They have come up with a few ideas; such as selling books back and the options of buying used. Even though many students; are not impressed with the college’s efforts. Does not mean they are not coming up with new ideas. The fact that they are trying to make things better should give students the hope for better options for the future. One new idea the college has come up with is textbook rentals. It will cut costs form 40 % to 60% for some books. This idea may be what many students have been waiting for. Only time will tell if it is an ideal process, “I didn’t know they rented books. Well I think the idea of renting books and cost cutting is pretty good. Not ideal but it makes things a little more affordable”, said Alyssa Antola. 

Textbook prices are rising to the point where many students cannot afford to buy the required books. This is causing many students to fail out of classes. It is becoming a major problem here on campus. “We the students need to speak up! We need to talk to people of power here and get our issues known. I mean it can be fixed if we get in contact with the right people. Even more so if we stand together.” said 1st year student Dan.