Students jam BSC for chance to join clubs on activities day

Posters like this one encouraged attendance at the annual Student Activities Day.

By Danny Mounce

     Students all over campus gathered into the cafeteria last Wednesday to check out the clubs and organizations the College  has to offer. The cafeteria was jam-packed with students. It was hard to move through the event, but students found a way to make it through the crowd.

     The school gave away free lunch to the first 350 students that showed up. Many students were there for the free lunch; however, other students were there to sign up for clubs and student organizations.

     One of the newest clubs that everyone was talking about was the Harry Potter club.

“I can’t believe we have a Harry Potter club.” Said Knaishia Grovera liberal arts major, “that’s awesome.”

     Many of the same groups such as art club, theater club, and the campus newspaper “The Compass” are back and better than ever.

     “I joined the philosophy club.” said Cat Salvatore a student at the Grant campus “and if I have time the photo club.”

     Students may not know about some of the other clubs Suffolk has to offer such as the Anime club, American Sign Language club, Dead Improv Society, and Muslim Student Association. All groups and organizations are available for students, so get involved, join a club and make new friends. For a list of all clubs and student organizations check out the school website for more details.

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