Horror Science Fiction Club Donates Food to Hungry

Looking their creepiest, members of the Horror Science Club strike a pose. The group has worked hard this semester to aid the homeless and hungry.

 By Donna Lynn

                  The Horror Science Fiction Club had a food drive from Feb. 1 to March 25. Food was donated to the Interfaith Nutrition Network and Food Not Bombs. Anthony Giansante, co-president of the club is heading up the initiative with the Interfaith Network and Amanda Murray also co-president, is starting the first Food Not Bombs outreach in Suffolk County. The club collected nonperishable items in a box outside the writing center, room 101. Another food drive starts April 12, which will end on May 21. Boxes will be available for food drop off outside Islip Arts room 101.

                “We are all in a position to help others and decided to take advantage of that position” Giansante said.

                The Interfaith Nutrition Network provides food and shelter to the hungry and homeless on Long Island. They began with a simple mission of feeding hungry neighbors with an atmosphere of dignity and respect. They are a not-for -profit and volunteer- based organization.

                Food Not Bombs is an organization for peace and to end the occupations of Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine. The group has worked for nearly 30 years to end hunger and support actions to stop globalization of the economy. It is dedicated to non-violent social change. They provide food and supplies to survivors of disaster.

                The Horror Science Fiction Club has done a toiletry drive for victims of domestic violence. They have also done a bake sale for victims of the earthquake in Haiti. The club has 25 members from diverse backgrounds. The group is composed of artists, writers, film fans and eccentrics who are interested in horror and science fiction, the paranormal, conspiracy theory , underground films books, music and culture. They watch and critique films, discuss conspiracy theories and strange phenomena. They go on field trips and do community projects. They have gone to a haunted house, corn maze, NYC and Salem. They had a Halloween party for the residents of a nursing home.

           English Professors William Burns and Kim Ng  advise the group. Anyone interested in meeting a diverse group of people with a variety of interests and doing community work can meet up with the Horror Science Fiction Club on Wednesdays, room 206 at common hour.

6 responses

  1. It’s called the Horror-Science Fiction Club, not the Horror Science Club.

  2. Great article Donna Lynn. Thanks for the publicity!

  3. And we can’t forgot that the lovely Professor Kim Ng-Southard is also a faculty advisor for the club too!

  4. Make that forget…

  5. Agree with both Lisa and Bill.
    Thanks for the thought though.

  6. Kim Ng Southard | Reply

    I am so out of the loop! This is a great article and I am so proud of all of you!

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