Campus Activities Board contemplates mascot

By Siobhan Cassidy

     Imagine an 800-pound gorilla doing back flips across Veteran’s Plaza. If members of the Campus Activities Board (CAB) have their way, you may see it sooner than you think.
     CAB members announced at their Feb. 22 meeting that they are hoping to feature a mascot to promote the club and events on campus in the Babylon Student Center. The club is hoping it will be different approach to gaining the attention of the students at on campus.
        “We’ll spend the money (on the mascot’s suit) as long as you guys do it,” CAB adviser and Counselor Mary Sierra told club members during the meeting. Sierra mentioned after the meeting, the idea of a mascot has been years in the making. However, what exactly the mascot will be is still in question.
        “It’ll be a lot harder to ignore a giant ape doing flips in the plaza during common hour,” Executive Financial Coordinator Amber Butler commented following the meeting.
     Along with a mascot grabbing students’ eyes, location and distribution of flyers were also discussed. Executive Administrative Coordinator Stephanie Sanz discussed the process of solving the problem of students overlooking flyers on bulletin boards around campus.
        “I’m trying to narrow down where our [flyers] aren’t visible,” Sanz told the members. Members began discussing where flyers should be hung. Locations included bulletin boards inside classrooms rather than hallways, flyers placed in faculty mailboxes, Facebook, and bathrooms; however, Sierra commented CAB will need permission to hang flyers in bathrooms prior to the distribution.
   Advertisements were a main discussion at the latest CAB meeting because of the new event, Murder Mystery Dinner the club has planned for Thursday.
     “A whole bunch of actors come [to the campus] like a real life game of Clue,” Sanz explained. It’s an exciting event for CAB this semester because the students and attendees may be involved in the acting session.

     “Your name is thrown into a raffle. You’re going to be involved by buying your ticket,” Sanz said as she shared the details of the event. Several actors from Murder Mystery Inc. located in Huntington, have Broadway experience, Butler said.
   “The murder mystery was mentioned as a joke, but was eventually added to our list of events for the spring semester back in December,” Butler explained after the meeting through an email. CAB chairs and executive members attended leadership conferences last semester, where they learned event planning, communication skills, and confidence and quality in their campus activities.
   “We’re definitely going to need help setting up,” Sanz explained to members in reference to the Murder Mystery Dinner event. CAB not only holds events for students on campus, but puts time, effort, and money into each event and the scenery.

     The annual Halloween Festival held on the Ammerman campus, is a community wide event and features a haunted house each year with astonishing special effects and decorations. Volunteers are needed for most CAB events and most members are willing to help.
        CAB member and newly elected Vice President of SGA, Hargun Anand said he volunteered to set up for this event because he wanted “to see inside scenes,” Anand said he enjoys helping CAB. “It’s exciting to get to do the fun things on campus,” he said.
        For the rest of the semester, CAB will be sponsoring numerous events such as movie nights, trips to Broadway plays with provided transportation, Stay-Awake-Athon as a Haitian Relief Effort, where donations will be given to the Red Cross, a Talent Show, Spring Festival, and Night of Appreciation.
      “We have added an oxygen bar to one of our massage sessions,” Butler mentioned in reference to the bi-weekly DeStress Express CAB sponsors. CAB offers discount movie tickets to AMC Loews and Island 16 cinemas for $5 to students along with $20 tickets to Six Flags Great Adventure with Water Park and Safari attached.
     “We care for the majority on campus rather than the minority,” Butler said during the bi-weekly meeting. Sierra explained the club is completely run by students in order to provide educational and entertaining events for the student body.
     “It takes a lot of hard work to plan, promote, and execute successful events, but we have a great time doing it,” Butler said. CAB gives the campus a sense of community, which is important on every college campus, Sierra said.

     CAB meets every other Monday at 11 a.m. in the Mildred Green Room located in the Babylon Student Center. Discounted tickets to local venues can be bought at the Office of Campus Activities.     

      Upcoming events sponsored by CAB can be found at and on numerous flyers across campus and possibly by a dancing gorilla in the plaza.

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