Voters elect 4 senators, vice president to Student Government Association

By Brian Farkas

In an unprecedented event, the Student Government Association had a series of open elections, and within one hour on the evening of March 2, the association left with four new senators and a new vice president being sworn in.

When the fall semester ended, five seats for senator were open and a sixth opened up during the latest meeting as John Lois, business major, resigned from his position. With many empty seats the SGA opted to have open elections to fill these chairs for the remainder of the spring semester. After a series of unanimous votes, Michael Ferrara, Nusral Rahman, and twin brothers Moon and Juan Sun, all took an oath as the newest senators of the association. While Rahman has experience as the president of the Muslim Student Association, the experience and backgrounds of the other newly elected senators is yet to be seen.

“We’re always excited to have new senators; it gives us more insight towards who makes up our student body, and gets us closer into connecting to the entire community,” Patty Munsch, faculty adviser, said. However, when it came to the vice president position it was more of a battle as Secretary Hargun Anand, and Senator Kaitlin Augsbach both ran for the title. After a series of speeches and open forum, where both candidates spoke about their ethics, time management and goals they’d like to achieve, the body voted in Hargun as the Vice President of the association.

In a post victory speech, Hargun made his ambitions clear, “College is a place that without students would be nothing. Our job is to leave an impression behind, leave a mark. Everyone might know our name and what the initials stand for, but it’s time to show them what we do. It’s time to put a face to the name.” Hargun had also formally resigned from his secretarial position which is now accepting open application with an election slated for March 15.

 With an agenda heavily filled for the student government, including upcoming events such as the SUNY-palooza rally and an upcoming advertisement campaign, one would imagine the body has so much going on that elections at this time would only disrupt the flow of the association; however, President Michael Carroll disagrees, “We have a really great group of people here and we’re always looking into expanding. While there might only ever be so many positions open right now, people are coming in and out all the time and they all have a voice, ideas, and opinions that we want to hear. We will always make room for people that want to be involved no matter what time of year, because this is your student government.”

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