Registration = Frustration

By Jackie Maczkiewicz

Its the end of the semester and everyone is more than excited.  Christmas break is coming soon, tests and finals will soon to be no more, and studying is nonexistent for close to 2 months.  Many find this as heartwarming and nice to know that they don’t have to worry about school issues for even a short period of time.  Its finally time to relax.  So why is it that so many students are still finding it difficult to do this?  One word; registration.

It seems to be that it doesn’t matter how many semesters you have completed or if you are just entering for the first time, registration is the most stressful thing a student can go through.  What classes are still needed to be completed, how to figure out the crazy Sain report on the website, which teachers to look for, and how to get into these classes are the essential tools a student needs to go through.  However, its not all that easy to get the “perfect schedule.”

With so many students now here on campus it is amazing that people are even finding their way into the classes that are necessary to fulfill their requirements.  This year at Suffolk was one of the biggest entry classes it has ever had and due to that fact more and more students are finding it difficult to find their way into a nicely put schedule.  I had always found that in the past I could weasel my way into finding the classes I needed and managing to only come to campus 2 days a week.  This past semester I was not so lucky.  I had to come in now 4 days a week and on two of those days had only 1 class which I might add was quite annoying as it was in the middle of the day.

I think there were many other students who were in a similar situation as I.  What made it so difficult was trying to continue to work full time at my job at Sports Authority and go to my desired classes.   Yes, full time, meaning close to 40 hours a week.  It was quite simple when I only went to school twice a week.  I worked 5 and the days when I had off I went to school.  This semester not so easy.  I had work and school on the same days running back and forth to both, making life both tiresome and crazy.

With registration just passing I wondered what students were feeling and looking forward to for the next semester.  Fortunately, I will no longer be a student here on campus so registration here was no longer an issue of mine.  I met up with some students of all different kinds.  One who has been here for several semesters, one who is going into their second semester and one who will be beginning in the fall of 2010.

Emily Mark, a student here for now over a year, is still confused as to what she wants to do with her future.  “I think registration is always difficult for anyone, but when you don’t know what you exactly want to do, you really have no idea what classes to take.  Its almost like you feel like you are completely wasting your time with some of these classes.  It even feels like you get the leftovers at times.”  This statement did not really surprise me to say the least.  I would have to agree that it is probably difficult in making a schedule when you are not sure what it is you want to do.

Another student, Felicia Cruz, is now going into her second semester here on campus.  “When I made my schedule the first time it was a breeze.  They basically told me what I had to take when I was just starting because I was in all of the intro classes and welcome to college type stuff.  Now I get to make my own schedule, which I love but at the same time it was really hard to find the classes I needed with my crazy schedule.”  She works full time also, so clearly I could relate.  “The classes seemed to be filling up really quickly and I didn’t even get some of the classes I wanted which completely stinks because they only offer it in the spring which now means I will have to try and get into that class next time spring comes around.”

With all these students having trouble when they are already enrolled in the campus, I found it difficult to try and talk to someone who is looking forward to starting college and a new experience.        Tracy Muratore will be heading off to college for the first time in the fall of 2010 once she graduates highschool this coming June.  I wondered what she was feeling as she knows students who have been having trouble finding classes here at suffolk and any concerns she may have.  “Im not sure exactly what to feel.  Im excited to start a new part of my life and get out of high school finally but I must admit that Im a bit nervous that I wont be able to get what I need.  I know suffolk had so many students come in this year plus the ones that were already here.”  She asked me if students who were already enrolled had the opportunity to pick their classes first.  I felt unfortunate to tell her that they did.  It is what is called “Pre-Registration” or early registration.  With all the students here on campus and the classes filling up in an insanely quickly manner, it was no surprise to me that she would be nervous to what she would get when she goes to try to register in the fall.

I also did some more research past just the Suffolk campuses.  Don’t worry students, it is not just Suffolk that is having this problem.  Friends that attend St. Josephs, Hofstra, and Stonybrook are finding it extremely hard to find the classes they need in a schedule that can work for them.  Countless facebook status’ of how annoying, ridiculous and stupid their school is overflowing lately on my news feed as Im sure everyone can find this to be true on theirs as well.   More and more students are finding it harder and harder as they are reaching the end of their education career at their school.  The only thing a student can do is to try their best to find a schedule to fit their wants and needs and get done as soon as they can.  Good luck Suffolk Students!  You will prevail!

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