Thirsty Thursdays?…No, Thirsty Weekends

By Jackie Maczkiewicz

Weekends have become an epic part of young adults lives.  Halloween Eve, Thanksgiving Eve, Christmas Eve, and New Years Eve are not just the only days to go crazy and party anymore.  Although Thanksgiving Eve is the biggest night of the year for partying, it seems as if regular weekends are making their way onto the scene.  Living on Long Island, there are multiple clubs and bars where a person could go on any given night to be considered the “hot spot.”  So how do people know where to go on what night?  Which place will they have the best time at?  Well, most of the time especially here on campus, they have little notes that are left on their cars to tell them all about it.

Michael Stabinksy, also known as the infamous Mikey Stubbs, is a student here at the Ammerman Campus.  Not only is Mikey known for being a familiar face at all the top clubs and bars on the weekends, hes known for running the shows.  He works for NEO Promotions and LI Nights promoting company.  These companies sponsor and hold different events at different bars and clubs that may be themed related or have a famous person coming to draw the crowds.  Some of the places that he has done events at have included Bianco Ultra lounge, Shy, 620 Lounge, The Crazy Donkey, and Edge, just to name a few.

“Basically what I do is try to inform as many people as I can of upcoming events and the different ways of transportation we offer to get there. This is usually done via verbally, internet, such as facebook event invites, mass texting or distribution of flyers.”  So those little cards with half naked girls on them that are left on your cars when you come out of class, may just be from Mr. Stubbs.

“The most important thing to remember about my job is that you cant be shy.  You always need to be outgoing and social otherwise people don’t respond too well,” he went on to say.  I wondered if he found it difficult to always be this social.  “The only difficulties i sometimes experience are having to run around and meet people to collect the money for transportation and exhaustion.  It doesn’t seem like much but my job is extremely stressful and tiring, but my job is great minus that. I meet a lot of new people and have met some new best friends through doing this. Promoting has many perks and thats why i do it!”  Sometimes if Stubbs is promoting a certain event, a person can go to the door, say his name and either get reduced or even free admission.  Usually this happens before a certain time and then everyone will have to pay full price.

Never being a really big person who was into clubs and stuff I found it somewhat hard to get myself to go out to one.  However, Thanksgiving Eve came and I decided to go out with all of my friends to a club/bar called Edge in Rocky Point.  One of the promoters of this event was Mikey Stubbs.  About a week before the event was going to take place, I received a text and an invite through facebook just like he had told me usually happens.  There was a party bus that is basically a huge coach bus with disco lights and a lot of alcohol that takes you from a meeting place to where the club is.  Sometimes it is known as a “moving club.”  I was at work till late so I didn’t have time to make it onto the coach bus.  However, my friends went on and met me at the club.  “The coach bus was insane.  Like I didn’t think it was going to be as much fun as it was.  But everyone was just there to have a good time.  We were all drinking and dancing and singing our hearts out and were pretty much all drunk before we even got to the club,” said Kristina Mark, also a student here on campus.

Outside of the club I waited for my friends to get off the huge coach bus sitting in front of me.  Once inside, I couldn’t even grasp what I was seeing.  There were so many people inside of the somewhat small club that you couldn’t even move.  I had known that this night in particular was a huge one to go out but never quite imagined how many people would actually be there.  It took almost a good 20 minutes to even get one drink because there were so many people there.  This may have been the only downfall of the night.  I had so much fun with my friends dancing and basically acting like complete idiots for just one night.  It was nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of every day life and kick back and enjoy the company of friends, music, and my good friend Mr. Bud Weiser.

“Thanksgiving Eve was probably one of the craziest nights Ive been apart of so far.  Every night we go out and do this it just gets better and better.  The people are great, the music is great, the ladies are always looking lovely and its just a really good time,” said Stabinsky.  As the night went on, the dancing continued, as well as the drinking.  It was a great time had by all and now I am not so unsure about going out to certain places as experiencing it first hand was something I would do all over again.

If you are ever interested in learning about what is going on at different clubs and around the island you can contact Mikey Stubbs through facebook, twitter, or go onto for all necessary information.

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