2009-2010 Women’s Volleyball team almost grasping playoffs

By: Lauren Maio

The 2009 -2010 Women’s volleyball team had a record of 10-6 with nearly grasping the playoffs this year. The girls were one game away, but were defeated by Orange county Community college.

Coach Kim Simpson and assistant coach Dana Siebert, had their girls working hard until that last game on October 29th. “We had an alright season which almost led us to the playoffs”, said teammate, Emily Brennan. The last game was lost by two points, with the devastating faces of the Clipper girls when game was officially over.

“Everyone on the team wanted this so badly, but we tried our best”, explained Brennan. Prior to the season even beginning, Kim Simpson would have the team meet at the SCCC gym or Smith’s point beach to start training. They would meet a few times a week to improve running skills, volleyball spikes and much more. The students would begin to get to know each other by playing small games on their own and presenting different skills to the team.

“We were so close to the playoffs at that last, I really thought we had it. It was close but the team can always go further next year”, said Brennan. The scorching, hard working days in the summer paid off as the Clippers left the volleyball net knowing their record was decent and they were almost playoff status.

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