Credit Card Machine in the Works for Student Cafeteria

(Photo, compliments of

By Lisa Bosco

Since the dawn of the plastic age in our society, people have found it easier and more convenient to pay using the swipe of a card rather than fumbling in their pockets and bags for exact change.

The users of Ammerman campus’ cafeteria are no different. Students have been trying to get a credit card machine installed for years now and finally, their pleas are being heard.

The Student Government Association (SGA) proposed that the campus install credit card machines in the cafeteria. Several months ago, the student executive board brought up the idea of installing debit/credit card machines in the cafeteria and Dover, the school’s food provider, was very receptive to the idea. Michael Carroll, the President of the SGA, said “The Owner of Dover was very receptive to the idea since it will not only increase his sales; but also help the students.”

The idea of a credit card machine on campus has been met with mostly positive reviews from students.

“Having more options to pay in the cafeteria just makes sense. A lot of students don’t like carrying cash on them so having a credit card machine would be better than waiting in line for the debit machine,”  Kristina Laino, a first semester student, said.

A few students said they think that the debit machine located in the Babylon Student Center often has problems and isn’t a reliable resource.

“At least once a week, the debit machine is broken or else there’s a huge line in front of it and I don’t have time to wait there to get cash only to go into the cafeteria and wait on line again to actually buy my lunch,” one student said. The availability of a debit/credit card machines would alleviate the lines for food in the cafeteria because students could just swipe their cards rather than hunting through their wallets for cash.

Rumors have spread regarding the campus’ hesitation to install a phone line that would enable the machines to work properly, but Carroll refuted them saying, “Now, I am not sure when or from whom you got the info about the college refusing to install the phone line, but I have no knowledge of this. I have met with Dean Sherwood, the new executive dean several weeks ago and he said he will put in the work order in for the phone lines, since the college, not Dover, does this.”

Once the work order is placed, he said, the machines should be appearing very quickly. Both the college and Dover are cooperating on this matter and agree that it is a win-win situation. Perhaps, by Spring Semester 2010, the students and staff will be able to enjoy campus food more quickly and conveniently than ever before with just the swipe of a card.

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