50 Cent strikes back with long awaited album


 by Sanjay Ramgolam

   50 Cent is back with the highly anticipated album entitled, “Before I Self Destruct.” This album was supposed to be released in 2007, but was rescheduled to come out at a later date. Fans doubted the release of the album as he went on to release another album, “Curtis,” while still working on “Before I Self Destruct.”

Ten years after the release of the “Power of the Dollar” EP introducing the world to 50 Cent, he releases this album saying to MTV, “It’s called that because it could potentially happen.” He also stated that this album is much more aggressive and darker than his last.

   The hardcore mood for the album is set right off with the introduction track “The Invitation,” produced by legendary DJ Premier. The first single off of the album, though it is the most “cross-over” type of song on the entire album, “Baby by me” featuring  Ne-Yo, has a bit of a “pop” twist to it. The song sounds more like a Ne-Yo single, rather than something that G-Unit records might produce.

  He makes you laugh while filling a “mystery” MC’s heart with fear in the song “Death to My Enemies.” Over Dr. Dre’s production, he makes references throughout the song to a rapper, which looks to be Kanye West.

 He also takes a chance with the song “Gangsta’s Delight,” a gangsta-revised copy of the classic old school song by Sugarhill Gang, “Rapper’s Delight.” 50 managed to keep the same classic tone  while adding the vibe of today’s idea of “gangsta” to the track.

 The song on the album that should be considered the weakest link is the smooth single, “Do You Think about Me.” The song would actually be a single for an artist of less caliber music. The reason this song doesn’t specifically stand out on the album is because it doesn’t seem to vibe with the rest of the album. Yet again, there are many people who might love the song. It’s all about the way you hear it.

   This album is a solid street classic that will be spoken about for a while as it’s reminiscent of 50 Cent’s best album, “Get Rich or Die Trying.” The gritty acid-tongued rapper is back to his old antics making the rap game unsafe territory. This album is definitely worth the money or a download. Even if you aren’t particularly a fan of 50’s rhyming style, you’ll still enjoy the amount of controversy he stirs by attacking fellow rappers and former members of G-Unit.

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