The Selling of This Illegal War Begins

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By Krystal Diaz

President Obama faces a choice that really is a no-win situation. Thanks to Bush’s fumbling of the war in Afghanistan and using it as nothing more then a launching point to invade and try to conquer Iraq for profit, our military has missed it’s narrow opportunity, the chance they had to take out the Taliban, take out Al-Qaeda, and take out Bin Laden.

The fundamental question at a time of heated debate over the long-term goals of the war in Afghanistan: should we be in a counterinsurgency war at all?

According to, Germany has indicated it will deploy more forces to southern Afghanistan. Britain, too, is likely to deploy more later this year, to join its 8,000 troops already there, after it pulls out most of the 4,000 forces it has in Basra, Iraq.

But Canada, a key member of the U.S.-led coalition, has said it wants all its troops out of combat by 2011.

President Obama has approved deploying 17,000 more troops to Afghanistan. A reawakening Taliban, the rapidly increasing opium trade and a tense border with Pakistan have made the future of Afghanistan a crucial test for the new administration.

“This is our downfall as a country; we can not afford to do this anymore. Obama is raising the deficit by billions to levels unheard of, it’s time to cut our losses and bring the troops home. Fighting terrorism has and always will be a police action,” Jeffe Denny, a senior of the college, said.

The new president is sending 4,000 military trainers to Afghanistan, on top of the 17,000 additional combat troops headed there. With the 38,000 U.S. troops already in the country, that will be the highest number since the war began; plus new billions for Pakistan.

We are now left with a sickening choice of staying behind to try to clean up Bush’s Vietnam, including an inevitable invasion of Pakistan and sinking deeper into a losing quagmire or getting out now before any more American lives are wasted.

All to “disrupt, dismantle and defeat Al Qaeda,” he says. Will it work? The pressure is on.

2 responses

  1. Michael R. Jordan | Reply

    Bush’s Vietnam? Really? Maybe, maybe you can say that about Iraq. But are you saying that invading and overthrowing the Al Qaeda, a group directly responsible for the one of the worst attacks on American citizens on American soil was a bad thing?

    Whether it was right or not to invade, who are we helping by simply pulling out and letting the weak democratic government be replaced by the entrenched extremists?

  2. Very interesting article Krystal. Nice job.

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