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GLOBAL WARNING: Campus Hosts Lecture

By Isacc Feldman

Ever wonder what would happen if one of your professors rolled up their sleeves and let it all hang out? Well on Friday, Nov. 20, Professor Scott Mandia filled in a couple of eager people on what he thinks about the current Global Warming situation.

Right away you could hear the commotion among the crowd, as everybody waited in anticipation for the first word. It seemed that people were a little nervous about what might come out during the presentation.

There were charts and displays to help coordinate with what Professor Mandia was saying. One stat showed how 53 percent of Americans believe that humans aren’t a major cause for global warming. That’s amazing when you really think about it. That’s saying that more than half of Americans thinks their car pushes out healthy gas. Charts also emphasized how even though pollution has decreased since the 1900s, the damage has already been done.

When the industrial revolution happened, the sheer amount of toxins and fumes from factories were overwhelming the o-zone. When there’s so much pollution the sun can’t get through and the sun ends up reflecting off the polluted clouds it causes what is known as the greenhouse effect.

Temperature increase is a huge concern for people and scientists alike. Since 1990 the earth’s temp has risen 0.8 degrees. Even though that might not seem like a great amount, if the earth was to rise 2 degrees there would be major problems.

“We’re already seeing changes. Two degrees would be serious…it could happen as early as 2040 and at that point there’s no turning back”,  Mandia said.

What was scary by the data being displayed courtesy of the IPCC or Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was that the earliest these charts could be from is 2004, as there’s a delay every couple of years between releases. So this essentially means that conditions could have gotten worst over the past five years.

Mandia went on to say that people looked at October and said wait, this month is cool, global warming must be bologna. In retrospect though, it was one of the hottest Octobers for the world.

When it comes down to it, it’s up to the people to help prevent global warming by doing the small things. You could ride a bike from time to time, or just make sure your bathroom light is off before you leave the house. There are many small things that one person can do on a daily basis.

Suffolk Community College student and Global Warming enthusiast Anne Marie is already doing her best to promote the cause.

“I’ve started to carpool, ride my bike and recycle”, she said, and she has also changed her stance on global warming after attending the presentation “I care about it a lot more”.

There is always a positive to a negative and vice versa. If you have ever seen data that states ‘well many scientist believe that global warming isn’t affecting us’, Professor Mandia strongly disagrees and says “Global Warming is the single most important issue facing humanity.”

And for those rogue lobbyists  Mandia showed a list of the scientists and lobbyists who are collecting salaries from Exxon or other big fossil fuel companies.

Even though it’s taken countries a long time to jump on board and recognize Global Warming it’s better to be late than to never show up. Some people may feel that it’s not going to affect their future because they’re not going to be around, but they have to realize that the children and teenagers of today are going to have to deal with the problem one way or another tomorrow.

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