The future was told on the Ammerman Campus


By: Lauren Maio

The future was told in the Cafeteria Alcove on the night of Nov. 10. The campus activities board held a Psychic fair for all students, faculty and staff to attend from 4pm to 8pm.

There were eight tables set up across the room with a gifted individual at each. They waited for a student or faculty member to be called up and would have a 10 min. reading with them. Each individual had a different specialty and each table had signs hanging on them . Tarot cards, career teller, handwriting analysis, palm reading, crystal ball reading, numerology readings and healers were all part of the festivities.

“I loved it”, said Allison Zentgraf, a freshman here at the campus. “ He said I was open-minded and creative with ideas and music.” She spoke to the handwriting analysis representative named Steve , who made her write a few sentences on a piece of paper and then began to tell her what kind of person she was and what might come in the future.

Another student, Jon Lopez, also sat with Steve and said “I guess it was true, but I really didn’t like it. He said I take a lot of responsibility and I was organized.” He also got the opportunity to speak to Harry, the numerology reader. “ The numerology reading was a lot better than the hand-writing analysis , he seemed more accurate. He said I was caring, intuitive and dutiful, which is true.”

Some students signed up to talk to multiple fortune tellers. Philip Mui, a student here on the Ammerman campus, talked to five of them and enjoyed his experience. “I got four readings and a handwriting analysis and I found common consistencies. I found the whole experience to be legit and revealing.”

As people were waiting to talk to the psychics, there was a table in the back where you could make your own dream catcher keychain. They were free and countless students were creating them with a variety of different colors. About 6 CAB members were working at the table to help others create dream catchers with the kits they received.

Kristina Mazur, the executive recruitment of the campus activities board, organized this activity. “I organized this because I’m a spiritual person and wanted to put people in a good mood.” This event was a great a success with about two dozen people there the whole night. Mazur also stated that “ This will give students a positive attitude since midterms are here and the psychics will not say anything negative.”

In order to get these eight psychics, Mazur had to advertise. She had papers up in the student lobby and even made announcements in the cafeteria on certain days. She explained how this was a free event because CAB was sponsoring it.

Steve, who constructed the handwriting analysis, explained that he does this as a freelancer and was getting paid to do this through an organizer. “My wife got me into hand-writing analysis about 10 years ago and thought I was perceptive with people”, he says. Working with college students is a great opportunity for him because he feels that they are eager to find out what ‘s in store for them, especially girls. “They are more open -minded “, he proclaims. Steve also adds that college students are willing to write more sentences that he can analyze. As soon as you sit with him, he asks you to write a paragraph about anything you want and to not think about how neat or sloppy your handwriting is. He can understand people the best when they write in the handwriting they use on a regular basis. “It’s hard to pick stuff out from people who don’t write a lot”, he says, as he explains why it is enjoyable to work at a college event.

The psychic fair provided various students with positive attitudes and much curiosity. CAB gave everyone on campus an entertaining evening as they left with dream catcher key chains and information about their lives and personalities. They hold events that bring students, faculty and staff together frequently. Check the calendar on the SCCC website for events that will be coming up in the near future such as a veteran’s display in the lobby of the Babylon student center and movies for everyone to enjoy!

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