Horror/Sci-Fi Club travels to Salem with a tight budget from the school

By Lauren Maio

The Horror/ Sci- Fi club has wanted to take a trip to Salem for about a year now and it is finally happening next week. They had other clubs going as well, but the budget was not satisfying students.

This club always wanted to take a fun yet educational trip and came up with the idea of Salem. Salem, which is known for the witch trials in 1692 , has a great amount of history in which the club would enjoy. In Salem, they will be visiting a few old witch homes and Count Orloks horror movie museum. It is also well-known for the “hanging tree”, where the witches were hung after sentenced to death.

Amanda Murray, the co-president of the club, admits that “ I personally think there is enough history and information to cram us for a full weekend.” She commented that everyone in the club is eager to visit Salem since it has been talked about for an extended amount of time.

The School is aiding the club in paying for the hotel rooms but the students will be paying for their own transportation. Each Student will be carpooling with a certain number of students and will be contributing gas money. The Urban Explorers club is attending this trip as well , but with only 6 people. They also had the Metaphysics club attending this journey but they dropped out due to budget reasons. They wanted the college to pay for the transportation from funding but the school did not have enough to pay for both , the hotel and transportation.

“The school only offers only offers so much money to each student a semester and covering the hotel rooms take up all of our funds”, said Murray. The club held a bake sale to raise money for this upcoming trip and it was a success. According to the 2008-2010 catalog, each student has to pay $7.00 a credit for the student activity fee, which is the money taken out of your pocket for clubs. Each semester, it is about $84.00 that you pay as a full time student. With this money from each student, it is still not enough to pay for this entire trip. Murray also adds, “ since the club is staying in Peabody, not Salem, they need to be able to drive freely to museums and such.” This would be an immense about of money for the budget , therefore if more clubs wants to plan events like this, the school might have to offer more money.

The college encourages students to get involved and join clubs and according to Murray, the students are fortunate to get this opportunity to go to Salem. Evidently, the budget has an effect on the amount of people being able to get involved and attend events.

If you have any questions or interest in attending the Salem trip, the Horror/Sci-fi club is having a meeting tomorrow, Nov. 4th , to discuss the plans. It will be located in the Smithtown Science building in room 112.

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  1. Thanks for the publicity! Our club appreciates it.

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