Open gym makes hoop dreams reality

By Lionel Sterling

Swish! Rebound! Hustle! Is what you are likely to hear coming from the Brookhaven Gym on the Ammerman campus.

Many students who attend college find it impossible to make the basketball team since many athletic, experienced players are selected. This leaves out a majority of students who want to play on a team just for the fun of it.

Thanks to open gym basketball in the Brookhaven gym Mondays, Wednesdays,and Fridays from 11-12:15, those hoop dreams are now coming true.

Approximately 35 students use this time to sharpen up their basketball skills or just to play a quick pick-up game of basketball if they feel they have not played in a long time. Going to open gym sessions also allows students to make friends with new people in a much easier way. Any student who goes to a commuter college knows it is not always easy to make friends and any easy way to do it is always welcomed.

“I wish they gave us more time to play. I always feel like the time just flies by while I am in here” says Julian, an avid attendant of the open gym.

This is a testament to everyone who goes. Many students said they feel that an hour and 15 minutes is not adequate time to play all the basketball they want to play, but many are still glad they get the opportunity in between their classes to come and work out and play ball.

Students at open gymn play basketball to get a good cardio work out and have fun at the same time. Open gym is not a club, and no commitment is required. It is just a time for those wwho love basketball to come out to the Brookhaven Gym and just shoot hoops for a little while.

Don’t feel like going on a particular day? It is no problem many of the students that go get swamped by homework on certain days and are not able to make it. This is the reason the gym is open three days out of the week.

“I would go all the time if I could. Some of my friends who don’t like basketball say I spend way too much time at open gym, and when I am not there they say I always talk about it. I have many friends at open gym and I am always trying to bring many more with me when I go,” said Chris Taliento, a biology major on the Ammerman campus.

Some may wonder about the level of competition found at these open gym sessions, but there is no need to worry because many games are held at each open gym and throughout the day the games range from those for the naturally gifted to those that are not so familiar with the game.

Open Gym is nothing more than good times for basketball lovers all around campus. Although some complain it could be longer, others say they feel as if this is a great addition to athletics and is excellent for those students that are not yet ready to play on the school team.

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