School Parking and Safety Has a Base to Build On

By Isacc Feldman

With all the new students rolling into Suffolk, mischief and mishaps are bound to happen. It’s been noted that over 2,200 more students have enrolled for the 2009 fall semester. Some students saw the increase as just added traffic to some already crammed campus roads. There is also noticeable congestion on the north road tee, where it has been said a traffic engineer firm will evaluate the situation and give their recommendations to the campus as soon as the end of the fall semester. The school may have to take one step back before they can take two steps forward.

Many would assume that with the additional students, that there would be a spike in the number of MVAs (motor vehicle accidents) this year. Last year there were 44 mva’s on the Suffolk grounds. Amazingly there have only been 19 accidents since the end of the spring 2009 semester. Even with all the new faces on campus the number of mvas seem to be on pace with last year.

Outside of car accidents, parking tickets are an issue for students. In the early weeks of the semester, students ignored the curb and stationed their cars across the lawn at parking lot four. “It was a hike” said Mike Kowalski, a Liberal Arts major, referring to having to get to class. When asked if he was worried about getting a ticket, “No, why should I be? Teachers care a lot about lateness and absences, the school and security guards should understand.” said Kowlaski. Students may have thought that they were lucky by not getting ticketed for where they were parking, but the school listened. John Williams, Dean of Public Safety believes the school is acting fairly and trying to balance the situation. “Parking is very difficult…early in the semester. For classes occurring between 10a.m. and 1p.m. there will be no summons given due to the overcrowding,” said Williams.

Every student always wants to leave their mark on the college they attend, but sometimes it goes a little too far. Since the beginning of the semester security has been on the watch for trends and offensive marks of graffiti. Luckily most of the names have been similar to screen names or profile tags. “It’s been an issue for years,” said Williams, who tries to prevent patterns or trends from happening. Dean Williams also added that none of the marks were gang related, which is great information.

With a school as big as Suffolk there are many moving parts that have to get accounted for on a daily basis. From traffic to graffiti the school’s security tries to jump on any potential situations. Director Williams shed some light about how Suffolk would try to stay ahead of the curve. “We have increased our technology with PBA’s, and are conducting shelter drills,” said Williams.

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