College Offers Help to Transfer Students

by Thomas Lucas

Many students tend to transfer to four-year colleges or universities after attending SCCC. The college widens the opportunities for these students.

If you are thinking about transferring, the college has transfer days every month where someone from a certain college will be in the Babylon student center lobby to talk about the school they are representing. The SUNY Institute of Technology representative will be available on the 15th from 10am to 1pm, and the Long Island University of Riverhead will be in the student center on the 19th from 4pm to 6pm.

The Counseling center in the Ammerman building allows you to set up appointments with counselors to talk about transferring and give out college brochures and information to interested students. If you are unsure about your qualifications, the counseling office will do an equivalency check to see if you are eligible to transfer to the school you have been thinking about and see which classes you have taken will transfer and which will not. “When you reach a decision, a counselor will set up an appointment for you to meet with the school and if it is another SUNY school the counseling center will provide you with an application so the fee from the actual school will be waived,” explained Gina, the counseling center receptionist.

Michelle Anding, a Child Education major, transferred from Suffolk to St. Joseph’s last year. “It was a very easy process, the guidance counselor from Suffolk helped me with everything, she answered all of my questions and really helped me understand everything I had to do. She made an appointment with the school for not even a week after our meeting and gave me ideas on what kind of things to ask”, she said.

On Wednesday the 21st (Fall Transfer Day), admission representatives from SUNY, CUNY, and local four-year colleges and universities will be on-campus to discuss your transfer plans. The Honors Program will also be hosting a workshop the same day entitled, How to Transfer to the College of Your Dreams. Then on Monday, the 27th the Honors program will be hosting a seminar/ workshop: How to Write that Important Transfer Essay.

On the SCCC website there is a list of colleges with the agreements of both schools and what makes you eligible to transfer there, such as the minimum GPA for the major you are going for, and the curriculum Suffolk has to the Degree at the four-year school.

The college provides many opportunities for students to learn about transferring and encourages taking advantages of their special programs and events.

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