Clippers Bite Back Against the Caimans

by Isacc Feldman

The Suffolk Clippers take on the Hostos Caimans at the Ammerman campus on Sept. 24. Image by Alexandros Vogiatzis of the Compass.

The Suffolk Clippers take on the Hostos Caimans at the Ammerman campus on Sept. 24. Image by Alexandros Vogiatzis of the Compass.

The weather was perfect for a Sunday soccer game, accompanied by a strong fan turnout.

The Clippers stared the season strong, with a 7-0-1 record. Their regular season record last year was spectacular, as they went undefeated. Suffolk looked to continue their great team play against a much improved Hostos Community College team.

The game kicked off with high intensity; no team had possession for more than a few seconds. It was hard to tell who had the momentum: any thoughts of sneaking a goal in was stuffed by some great defensive play.

The Clippers were looking for the advantage and finally found it with 26:48 left in the first half. Team Captain Lervis Reyes, a freshman out of Brentwood High School, scored and put the first tally on the board. He was assisted by Irving Posada, a sophomore originally from Islip High School. Once Suffolk took the lead, they put the pressure on the Caimans. The Clippers’ defensemen barely saw any action for the remainder of the half.

At the end of the first half, the Clipper were still up by one. This, however, did not satisfy the goal-thirsty team.

As soon as the second half started, the team was in attack mode. Dimas Escobar, a freshman out of Bay Shore High School, kicked four corner kicks in just five minutes. The Clippers continued the same tactic they used at the end of the first half: applying pressure to a Hostos defense that was starting to wear down. Suffolk wasn’t going to let their landslide time of possession slip away. They dominated in the second half, scoring three more goals.

Clippers Coach Frank Vertullo noticed an improved Hostos team, which Suffolk beat last year 14-0. He felt that this Hostos team was “more organized and worked hard.” When asked how his team played he said “we did ok, moved the ball well, and, well, a win is a win.” Captain Lervis Reyes noticed the Clippers slow start, and said of the first half “we didn’t play good, we weren’t composed.” He also commented about his team first goal, “it was an ice breaker for us.” It absolutely was, as it opened the door for more scoring opportunities.

On a day when the clouds were few and far between, the Clippers shined through with a 4-0 win. Not giving up a goal to a much improved Hostos team shows just how focused Suffolk really is. Returning players could have come into the game thinking this is an easy win or a push over team. But they showed just how hungry for victory they really are.

If you can’t get enough Clippers soccer, come down and see just how great they really are, as they take on TCI on Thursday Oct. 1, at 4 p.m. See ya there!

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