College To Be In Debt For 20 Years

By Thomas Lucas

The College is currently undergoing a renovation. An energy plan with New York Power Authority (NYPA) is underway and is will leave the school in debt for the next 20 years.

According to the summary of minutes of the Dec. 11, 2003 board of trustees meeting, the NYPA discovered that helping the college conserve energy would significantly increase savings and offer more comfortable indoor environments on campus.

“This is the third project that we have done with NYPA funds. Work will be done on all three campuses,” said Paul Cooper, Executive Director of Facilities.

According to Cooper, the NYPA agreed to fund a number of energy saving measures. The college agreed to repay the NYPA with the savings produced from purchasing less energy over the next 20 years. These energy saving measures include boiler and chiller replacements, lighting retrofits, outdoor lighting controls, and installation of heat recovery units; premium efficiency motor upgrade’s, conversion of 100% outside air handler to a re-circulating air handler, installation of variable speed fans on cooling towers and much more.

The cost of construction is estimated at $5,405,013 with an annual savings estimated at $311,227. This savings is what the College would be paying back to the Power Authority. Therefore, the college would be saving money, but would also be signed into a contract.

“An added benefit of the project is that numerous pieces of equipment (chillers, boilers, cooling towers etc.) that are old, failing and in desperate need of replacement, will be replaced by the project, and will not require the use of the college operating budget funds for these replacement costs,” said Cooper.

Many students feel that the College should be focusing on more pressing students needs, such as textbooks, parking, and overpopulation.

Nicole Benincasa, a fitness specialist major, says “Sure, it would be great to save energy and have better temperature levels for classrooms and the gyms. However, this semester is way too crowded and the college should have been accepting grants to build bigger parking lots. Maybe they could have paid them back with some of the overcharged money they get for textbooks.”

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