College Reinvents Agenda Book, Expects You to Pay

By Krystal Diaz

For the 50 year anniversary of the college, the student handbook has a new look. Like everything else modern, it’s sleek, it’s small, and it comes with a three-year plan!, a leading producer of custom handbooks and academic planners, and the college have come together to reinvent the school planner: standardized in monthly/weekly format, it also combines a new look with an old idea. With the recent “Going Green” trend dominating the U.S., it comes to no surprise that one of the reasons why the school may have chosen not to give out free planners this semester could be because it would add to the conglomerate waste. The very first page promotes greener aspects on life and gives tips on how to “stay green” at home and at school.

The planner has fewer pages then it did in past years, but makes up for it with stickers! It is organized in such categories as: Assignments Due, Projects Due and Final Exams. These colored stickers help visually organize important projects and dates. While sifting through the planner there seems to be something amiss… Where is all the jargon-filled Student Code of Conduct? The college has removed the policies and codes from the planner and conveniently added them to the college website. “Know the Codes” is the new motto which encourages students to log on and learn the policies and procedures of the college, which are accessible 24/7 without any paper waste.

The planners that were given out for free were intended for new student. This semester’s planner has new suggestions for promoting student success. Many of these tips rehash what is taught in freshman seminar: Tips for Success, Note Taking, Dealing with College Stress… One tip usually goes unheeded: Making the Grade by Eating Smart. Pizza isn’t the breakfast of champions. A feature that may take you back to your high school days is the ever-popular “class schedule” page, the “personal contacts” page, and the “email addresses/websites” page. Now all it needs is a solar-powered calculator, a periodic table, commonly used phrases in Spanish, and a map of the United States.

2 responses

  1. Very intersting Krystal. Nice job.

  2. Interesting. I shouldn’t type when I’m drinking.

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