No Cash, No Problem: Fun Without Spending Your College Fund

by Sanjay Ramgolam

As our economy continues its financial woes, college students throughout the country find themselves in the middle of financial debt at such an early age. At the same time, the determination to go out and enjoy themselves has continued to grow stronger with the depressing state of our nation. Here are some tips to enjoy yourselves through these harsh financial times:

Movies: Instead of going to the movies and spending anywhere from 10 to 14 dollars on a movie ticket (which doesn’t include food or a date), you can join Netflix and start an account for about $14.99 a month and have movies sent to your home directly that you choose online. To get another movie all you have to do is send the one you have back to Netflix when you are finished with it and they send the next movie from your choices online. If you are the owner of an X Box and have X Box Live on your X Box, you can literally watch as many movies as you want off of a Netflix icon on your X Box, leaving no need to wait for your next movie to show up the following day.

T.V.: Not everybody could afford to have all of the movie channels such as HBO, Showtime and Cinemax, but there has been a growing phenomenon of people just tuning into their favorite shows which may not be accessible via the internet. Sites such as has every up to date episode of popular television shows from almost every network, cutting out the expense of having to purchase movie channel packages.

Beach: This time of the year its beginning to get a little chilly, but a majority of the season is still calm and warm, leaving plenty of time to spend at the beach. Not necessarily to swim in, but picnics and just a night by the water is still a fun and cheap time out with some friends.

EBay: For those who are in the habit or hobby of collecting items of all sorts, the best and cheapest place to get items of all sorts is From DVDs, to collectibles, to retro items, etc. can all be purchased for low prices through EBay. The idea behind EBay is to bid for items that people may be selling used or items still in the original packaging which they have kept in great condition just to resell and get a profit off of the original purchasing. But that isn’t always the case, usually because people have to start the bids low, people get the opportunity to buy them for cheap prices without anyone completion, saving you a lot of money.

Discount Clubs: Another helpful idea for those college students who are living on their own that can save them a great deal of money is by joining a discount club such as Costco or BJs. Because they carry items in bulk, less money can therefore be spent on groceries and basic needs leaving more money to be spent on recreational activities.

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