Longhorns beat BMCC 12-2

By Samantha Lujan

A day after the new Yankee Stadium opened its doors to approximately 50,000 people, the Longhorns (West) of Suffolk County Community College played against Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC) at their newly renovated ballpark. With the 59-degree sunny weather on their side, the Longhorns continued their successful season towards their third consecutive Region XV Championship. If everything goes their way, they will take to the road for another trip to the JUCO World Series in Tyler, Texas.

Under the guidance of the Head Coach Bobby Molinaro, the Longhorns have gone a long way. Molinaro has been recognized as District F Coach of the Year in NJCAA College World Series Appearance-2007 and 2008. Under his wings, many new faces have joined the team while others such as right-handed pitcher Eric Stampfl and outstanding players like Vinny Loughlin (P), Erik Puterio (P), and Jonathan Grosse (P) continue to play for the team.

On April 17 the Suffolk West Longhorns played Manhattan CC with an audience of about 30 people, including friends and family who gathered there on such a beautiful day.
In The first Inning, #4 Joe Guido hit a leadoff single which then lead to a double steal by #19 Dan DeVito and #4 Joe Guido . This gave the Longhorns the lead 4-0. In the third inning, Suffolk County hit an RBI and scored a runner, and Manhattan College brought in Pitcher #11. As the Game went on the Longhorns showed their talent all the way. Throughout the game #28 James Perrino, #21 Nick Simonetti and #24, Tom Teleisha continuously practiced. Now even though they did not get to play during the game it shows the dedication they have to the team.

At the top of the fifth inning, #21 of Manhattan College attempted to make a comeback by hitting a double and managing to score one of their only runs in the game.

At the bottom of the fifth inning #15 Chad Ohriner, dove to catch the ball and then threw it to first base and made a double play. As the Manhattan CC. gave it their all, the players began to drift off from the game leaving the last runner stranded. At the bottom on the fifth inning #19, Dan DeVito hit a triple bringing the score to 12-2 and making him the player of the game. After a long and excruciating game for the Manhattan College at the end of the fifth inning due to the presumably large lead between the teams the mercy rule sometimes referred by a not so polite name such as the Slaughter rule was put into effect bringing an end to the game. The ending score for the game was 2-12.

Even though throughout the game there was a big difference in the scores, Manhattan college players knew how to support each other by saying words such as “Vamonos, Vamos” (let’s go”) to encourage their team member to give their all. Moreover, even though they wore blue and gray uniforms very similar if not identical to those of the NY Yankees, they could not pull it through. The Longhorns won the game highlighting the success that they are achieving through their hard work that explains itself into 27 wins out of the 35 games played so far.

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