Can you feel the heat?

By Matt Gibson
The mercury in many thermometers rose dramatically on Sunday April 26 as a preview of summer weather swept the tri-state area with temperatures near 90 degrees.
Temperatures that were more suited for July or August appeared in April and took thousands of tri-state residents by surprise.
According to the Natural Weather Service on April 26, the maximum high temperature at Central Park was 92 degrees, breaking the record of 84 degrees set in 1942. At LaGuardia Airport, the temperature was 91 degrees, shattering the record of 80 degrees in 1957. At John F. Kennedy International Airport, the thermometer reached 86 degrees, breaking the record of 84 degrees set in 1985. At Newark-Liberty International Airport, the temperature reached 93 degrees, up from the record of 83 degrees set in 1985. At Islip-Macarthur Airport, the temperature reached 88 degrees, breaking the record of 78 degrees set in 1985. At Bridgeport Airport in Connecticut, the mercury topped out at 83 degrees, clipping the previous record of 80 degrees set in 1985. The high temperature here at the Ammerman campus reached a balmy figure of 87.3 degrees.
To make themselves more comfortable for the weather, many people traded in their sweatshirts and shoes for t-shirts, shorts, and sandals. Those who are big fans of hot weather enjoyed the heat wave, while those who despise the heat most likely did not enjoy the heat at all. This mini-heat wave was very significant because the unseasonably high temperatures broke records at all of the designated climatological sites in the tri-state area. Records dating as far back as 67 years were shattered as a result of this brief teaser of summer.
Many students here on campus were pleased by the hot weather and took advantage of it. Some ventured out to the local park, some spent the day at Jones Beach and other beaches here on Long Island, and still some simply sat outside in their backyards and soaked in some rays. Those who were not keen on the sudden temperature surge stayed cool by staying inside with the air conditioner on at full blast.
Much to the chagrin of those who enjoy hot weather and to the delight of those who despise it, temperatures in the tri-state area returned to normal, seasonal levels as the week of April 27 progressed.

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