Karaoke event features student singers

By Rhyanne Green

A first time of the semester show down of karaoke happened in the cafeteria of the Babylon Student Center Feb 23. The event originally was to start at 11 AM but it didn’t start until 11:40 AM. John Court Executive Administrative Coordinator for cab said, “We have karaoke twice a semester, this was supposed to be the second karaoke but the first one was cancelled because of the snow.” Setting up was taking a long time and the faculty advisor Mary Sieria was making sure everything was in order.

While the members of cab were setting up the equipment, there were students standing around waiting to sign up for performance. One student named Joe Simsuangco (Freshman) was waiting the longest but when it finally started he sang a song called “Hanging by a Moment,” by Life House. Simsuangco was the second act, he had to get the students into the mood of the evening. He screamed and yelled into the microphone, “Woo, yea!!!” The audience really did not respond to well but at the end the audience did applaud to show support.

Simsuangco said, “I play the guitar and I sing. When I first saw the karaoke last semester I enjoyed it.” A person who woke the crowd up with his talent was Johnathan Lopez. Lopez came to the stage with the talent of beat boxing. His act excited the crowd. His first beat box was a trumpet sound, after Lopez went into DJ mixing sounds. Then Lopez started to do actual songs such as, Usher’s “Yeah,” Michael Jackson’s “Billy Jean” and Justin Timberlake’s “I’m Bringing Sexy Back. After his performance the crowd went bananas.

The next act was an act from two students who were just having fun. The two students were Annemarie Shultz and Domenick Sacca. They also performed Usher’s song “Yeah.” They were having a good ole time, they were laughing during their performance skipping words, and changing lyrics. The students in the cafeteria were hysterical.

One act which stood out the most was a student named Michelle Zecchine. Zecchine performed “I Need You Baby,” by Lauryn Hill. Zecchine said, “One of my biggest influences is Lauryn Hill.” Zecchine is a music major and she aspires to be a singer. Zecchine went to American Idol and didn’t make it. Zecchine said, “American Idol is a crock! They do not seek for people with real talent.” The crowd really did love her singing voice and she got a positive, loving response from them.

Students Amanda Bouche, Kenande Jeanite, and Christel Millery all agreed that Zecchine was one of the best performers. “Johnathan Lopez and Michelle Zecchine were the best performers,” said Bouche.

The karaoke could only go on until 12:15 PM. The later it got the more students wanted to perform for real. The more students were interested in being serious with their performances.

Faculty Advisor Mary Sieria explained how the cab is a good activity group to join. “There is good educational experience and professional training for jobs in the real world,” said Sieria. Cab has all types of events going on and different activities going on in the school.

John Court also said, “We go on trips to the city, we have movie nights and Black Violin Concerts.” Black Violin is a concert that starts off with regular violin music, and after it changes into hip hop music. The Black Violin concert’s happen once a semester. Cab also mixes their events with BASIC (Christian group). Cab is not connected with the broadcasting club, but it is a club that you can have a lot fun with and they have many activities which occur on campus.

The karaoke took place for the first time on the campus, since last semester. Members from Cab (the activities group behind karaoke) said there was supposed to be a karaoke in Jan but it was cancelled because of a snow day.

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