How to Prepare For College as a Freshman

By Cassaundra Mariotti

The end is near for your high school career, and it is time to get ready to go off to college.  Suffolk County Community College is a great school for anyone to join especially if they are looking to transfer. Preparing for college is not always easy, there usually seems to be a lot of last minute decision making. You have to make sure your schedule is set, get to know the campus, you have all the required books, transportation, and make sure that you attend the orientation.  The college can be a great experience for anyone entering the college for the first time.

Suffolk County Community College is a great starter school for most people; students can go for two years and then transfer to a four year school depending on what they are interested in for their future. After registering for school and paying for parking the first step is to schedule your classes. Making your schedule for the first time will probably be difficult so getting help from a guidance counselor would be best. Always make sure you are taking classes that you are suppose to take, taking classes that aren’t needed won’t be necessary, but it will give you extra credit. Scheduling online is easier the second semster and on, because at that time you will know more about your sain report and how to use the proper facilities. Coming to college straight after high school can be very nerve racking for a freshman. The first year the college will be very easy for a freshman.

The second step to take is to walk the grounds of the campus, get to know the buildings a little better. The campus is not that big but sometimes the buildings can become very confusing for a freshman. The campus provides students with a map of the campus to make it easier. Search for the classes and write down the buildings there in. This could help a lot, especially during the first couple of weeks, after that you will become a pro. Most professors will not get mad the first day of classes if the students are late. One of the college’s students, Cassie Ferrera had this to say, “When I first starting attending school here, I found it to be very interesting, I did get lost a couple of times but by the third week I knew where everything was.”

The third step would be to purchase all of the books required. Getting the books before classes start would be best because they fly out of the bookstores the first week of the semester. Most professors will tell a student what book they prefer on the first day of classes, but it’s always good to be prepared for the first day. There are times when a book will be sold out and it takes two to three weeks to get that book. The books will most likely be very expensive at times, but they are worth every penny for the knowledge you are receiving in return. The book stores are open through out the day Monday through Friday, and there are always workers there that will assist anyone when help is needed.

After you purchase your books make sure you have notebooks, pens, pencils, note cards and especially highlighters. Highlighters are very important because note taking is very important, and most professors expect the students to remember everything being written and said. Professors again will tell you what kind of notebooks or binders to get but it’s always good to show up to class with something in your hand.

The fourth step is to make sure you have transportation, whether someone drives you, taking the bus or you have car, which is great. Having a car would be better, because relying on other people isn’t always great, but if you don’t have a car you have to make sure your getting to class on time.

The fifth step is to make sure to attend the orientation for first time students. The orientation helps students to better understand the campus, they explain about the different courses Suffolk has to offer and the transfer opportunities. No freshman will want to miss this opportunity. Jacqui Ranft, a sophomore here at the college had this to say. “I wasn’t going to attend the orientation at first but when I went I got a lot out of it, I was able to talk to someone about internships and different courses. I really enjoyed it.”

For the last and final step, make sure you are fully prepared for your first day of class. Professors do not like when students come unprepared, it can show lack of respect for the class and professor. Make sure your books are ready to go and you are fully supplied with pens and pencils. Getting prepared the night before should happen every night. Organization is very important through out your college experience and most importantly for your future; not being organized can cause someone to become very frustrated.

If you follow these steps you will surely enjoy the experience and be prepared. Just remember don’t be nervous, everything will go perfect if you make it that way. Every freshman just has to remember this is not college anymore, the school is bigger, there’s a lot more people and the expectations are high. Suffolk County Community College is place where students are no longer kids but adults. Just remember to relax and take it easy, because before you know it, the experience will be over.

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  1. Very informative. The college should give this article to all incoming students.

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