Are you listening to US?


By Jessica Reed

A majority of students say that they don’t hear public announcements on a regular basis. It turns out that announcements are only coming through the Student Babylon Center.

Most of the students at the college don’t even know about the announcements and don’t have the time to participate in the events that are being announced. Sad but true. “I just go to school and go home. I don’t really care about anything else,” said one student. Another student commented on the bulletin board and made a remark saying, “The flyers are discrete in the corner on the wall, plus nobody notices it really.” Other students said the same thing as well. Can we solve this lack of getting public announcements out there to students? Are we really aware of them?

A reason that led to students not showing up for school events during common hour is because they are leaving for work after their classes are over. Also, most students prefer socializing in the cafeteria to pass time or talk to whomever they want. Other students don’t have the time to go due to studying for exams in the library.

This is the consequences of being at a Community college; many of the students here have their own responsibilities outside of campus, and really try their best to live their own lives. So students are not really motivated. It is up to them to make it to events.

Sharon Silverstein is the Director of Campus Activities and said many actions lead up to try to build on student activities. She makes sure overall that every event is organized properly. “I talk to whoever needs my guidance on ideas and help the advisor’s to work out their problems if they have difficulty,” Silverstein mentioned.

The other concern is that certain students do not know how to project their voices clear enough into the microphone. Therefore a disadvantage has come into play. If it is not clear we are not going to know what is going on. What Silverstein is trying to do is get the students that work at the information booth and try to train them so future announcements can come alive to students attention.

Eventually through time, the students will pay more attention. “The other concern is over doing the announcements can be irritating to the students as well,” Silverstein said. Now we understand the problem of communication between the colleagues and the announcers. Statistics have shown about 90% of the students and 10% percent of faculty staff make the announcements. So who is ineffective in this? If the staff is doing their job communicating, the students will become more knowledgable about how to use the device and messages will come out clearer.

One bright side is the activities and the treasures that organized the locations and events. About 336 participants showed up in the year of 2007-08 to every club. If no one shows up then the faculty advisors find out new ideas to organize it better. There are over 50 clubs and news events that go on in the evening and night during school hours.

“Our staff and I make a paper calendar of events every two weeks twice a month. It has everything at your advantage. Also it is a great way to socialize with other students here on campus and all the experiences you have will make you a better U.S. citizen,” said Silverstein.

To find more information on student activites, go to the student Babylon Center across from the Ammerman building. You’ll see students wearing green vests. They will be happier to give you the correct information of every event.

For even more information, log onto to look up different types of college athletics, clubs, and theatrical plays, and also to find out what is going on outside of campus. This portal is run by Dr. Bright Associate Vice President of the Student Portal. He is the one that designed the website.

While enjoying the time that you have at the college, utilize the free time by signing up for a club during common hour every Wednesday from 11-12:30pm. It will help with your leadership skills far as working others.

Now, getting the help from faculty staff, as well as Silverstein, will bring out more of Suffolk’s pride. Students will show more respect for our school’s cultural viewpoints. Which is a community blended with different types of cultures and opinions on society. This is what school events are for. If students go to the clubs and outside events they can have a better understanding on how people think as an individual. Well listen up don’t you have to be somewhere?

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