Earth Day Student Photo Contest Winners to be Announced April 22 by physical sciences department

The 2008 Earth Day Student Photo Contest Winner.

The 2008 Earth Day Student Photo Contest Winner.

By Rhyanne Green
The 3rd Annual Earth Day Student Photo Contest is set for April 22 at noon in the Smithtown Science Building Lobby. Students who are currently enrolled at the College with an ID, can submit a photo up to 11’’ x 14’’. The theme of the photo contest is, “The Celebration of Earth and Beyond.”
The photos are being accepted on Friday, April 17, no later then 3 p. m. by Professor Joan Horn, the contest committee chair and contact person. Photos can be brought to the Smithtown Science office building main office (room 100). The best picture related to the Earth Science theme will receive a price. The first prize winner will receive a $100 gift card to the Suffolk County Barnes & Noble bookstores. Second and third prize winners will receive $25 gift cards to Barnes and Noble. Mrs. Christina Scott of the department of Physical Science volunteers as an Assistant Contest Coordinator. Scott helps by accepting photos in the Smithtown Science building’s main office.
“The contest is designed for all students on all campuses who have a favorite photo to submit. Since the judging criteria is based on contest theme, artistic expression and overall appeal, a student does not need to be an accomplished photographer to participate,” Horn said. However one year, Professor Horn received a photo of a backyard and a pool, but it was disqualified because it did not pertain to earth science or the theme. As long as the theme and subject matches, the photo can be submitted.

Some students on campus have said they did not know about the Earth Day contest.
“I found out two days before spring break,” said Elizabeth Brenner. Brenner said she will be entering the contest since she has heard about it. Brenner said she is very excited about the contest.
“It causes you to look beyond humans and animals as the subject of the photo and focuses towards the earth and nature,” Brenner said. Now that she has the knowledge of the Earth Day student photo contest, Brenner said she will spread the word to other students on campus.
A new addition to this year’s contest is a “faculty showcase.” Any Suffolk County Community faculty member may also submit a photo no bigger than an 11’’ x 14’’ sized photo. The photo can go on display, but the faculty member can not compete in the contest. The faculty will not win prizes. The best faculty photo, (faculty) will be able to have a picture of themselves up in the Smithtown Science building lobby.
The contest is very exciting and it changes every year. Professor Sean Tvelia said, “I am always surprised at the pictures and the quality,” said Physical Science Professor Sean Tvelia. The photos are also exciting because they illustrate how students learned something about Earth Science.
“It is very exciting to see the students come in with their photos and explain why they are submitting and what method they used,” said Scott. The photos reflect what students learned in earth science. The contest display is located in the front lobby of the Smithtown Science Building.
On the back of the photo students should tape a card with name, phone, email, date and title of photo, Horn said. Photos must belong to each participant and the work must be unpublished. Anyone who wants their photo returned must state that in writing and hand it in during the submission. For any more information regarding the Earth Day Student Photo Contest, contact Professor Joan Horn whose office is located in the Smithtown Science Building on the second floor. The International Year of Astronomy can be included as well. The pictures of the sky and the stars are part of the earth, and any photos of those images will be accepted.. Scott and Horn meet and tally up the results of the contestants. After they calculate the results, they then present the gifts to the winners.
The department of physical science is in charge of the contest. The department received contributions from faculty and the College Bookstore. Associate Professor of Physical Science Darryl Butkos contributed to help fundraise for the prizes of the contest. The bookstore contributed towards the gift cards. The photo contest was originally created by Professor Sean Tvelia. Tvelia was assisted by Butkos and Horn.

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