10 Fun, Free Things to Enjoy on Campus

by Kelly Kuzman

Sure, when classes are over for the day your mind isn’t on “I can’t wait to come back!” mode, it’s more like “Is it the weekend yet?” but there are some perks of being a student.

1. Movies
Every two weeks on Friday the Ammerman campus activities board (CAB) hosts movie night. Movies are shown at 7 p.m. in the Islip Arts building in Room 115. Admission is free for everyone! Upcoming movies are “The Tale Of Despereaux”(April 3) and “Bedtime Stories”(April 17). You can call Campus Activities at (631)451-4375 for more information.
2. Free Admission to Plays
Students within the drama department put on annual plays for the public to enjoy. You as a student can attend the show and support your acting peers for free!
3. Use of the computer lab/library at SUNY Stony Brook.
According to Prof. Silverman, History professor, Suffolk students are welcomed to use Stony Brook University’s computer labs and library with an SCCC ID card. Take advantage!
4. Clubs
“It’s a way to kill time and have fun when you get out of your morning classes and have to wait for the 12:30 class to begin!”says Shannon Enright, a liberal arts student. On campus, you can find practically any type of club. You can join as many as you want and they usually meet during Wednesday’s common hour of 11-12:15 p.m.
5. Career center
The campus career center is a great source of help for those students who are unemployed or are looking for another job.
6. Guidance counselors
On the top floor of the Ammerman Building, guidance counselors are happy to help the students of Suffolk in any way possible, whether it may be academics or even personal.
7. Share your words with other students by writing for the newspaper or one of the other publications on campus.
The campus has several publications, including the school’s newspaper, The Compass, and literary magazines, such as Lilith.
8.Transfer Days
Other colleges come to Suffolk to offer students assistance and guides to what they might want to do when they graduate. The colleges set up in the Babylon Student Center. Upcoming colleges are NYIT, (April 3 & 16), Farmingdale State University, and St. Thomas Aquinas College (both on April 13).
9.The Annual Talent Show
Talent shows are always fun! Bring back memories of grade school! Students attend try-outs and the best acts are picked to perform in the show and even have the chance to win a prize! This year’s talent show is on April 15, in the Babylon Student Center from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
10.DeStress Express
What other college offers students free massages?  The Babylon Student Center often holds “DeStress Express” where students from 3-6 p.m. can relax and get a free five minute massage.

Now is the time to take part in those FREE experiences! More information about these fun things can be found on the College website at http://www.sunysuffolk.edu.

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