SGA Strives for Students

By Tristan Gourdet

The Student Government Association discusses important topics and makes essential decisions regarding students at SCCC. Whether it’s for scholarships, textbooks, helping students transferring to four year colleges, more funding for activities, or supporting victims of terrible crimes on campus, student governance is vital in voicing student’s needs. At a recent meeting held in the Orient Point, the SGA worked to make positive changes for students on campus.

            Melissa Marx, the president of the SGA starting off the meeting on topics that needed to be discussed.  One topic that the group addressed was a way of funding money.  J.B. Bolvadlin, a student who’s a member of the association suggested way of getting some money towards the school.  “I saw this “Eat With Us and Earn for Your School”,” Bolvadlin said, “we don’t have to give any money basically, you have your president or school fill it out and tell how many students you have, they send you cards and every time you go to Subway you present them the card and you get a percentage of that profit.”  Bolvadin hasn’t found out yet if it only applies to high schools and not colleges.  Patty Munsch, the faculty advisor for the SGA also chimed in with suggestions that the SGA could also do as well.  “Instead of putting the money towards the school you could put the money in open an act account and then put it towards a fund raiser if you wanted to,” Munsch said.  “If anything that they wanted something to change that we didn’t have the money for, the money could go towards that…like you said the money could good for anything,” said Bolvadlin. If students do decide to do this the profit they would get from subway would go towards the SGA, thus, enabling them to fund money for scholarships or other needs that will help students down the road.           

In the past, many other needs that the SGA has able to fund money were for important events and causes.  Last year in December of 2008, the SGA were able to get a fund raiser approved to sell T-Shirts for Marcello Lucero, an undocumented immigrant, who was attacked by seven Patchogue-Medford High School students and fatally stabbed on November 11th. Money was being raised to send his body back to Ecuador at a cost of $20,000. The back of the T-Shirts were read, “Suffolk Community Unites Against Hate” with two hands that are joined.  The T-Shirts were a total cost of $10. $4 was the cost of the shirt and $6 would go to the family of Lucero. T-Shirts were purchased in the SGA Office between 8am to 4 pm.

            Ms. Mucnsch also told the members directions that needed to follow such as filling out a fundraiser request form and then getting it signed off by the administration in order for the idea to be push through.  If money is raised by this, it could also go towards other needs, such as for students that go to SCCC.  With the certain suggestions and ideas that were discussed in the meeting the SGA main goal was having money towards things that would produce change for student and faculty members.

The SGA main objective is to represent the student body and promote democracy by supporting the goals and objectives identified by the student body. The organization acts as a liaison between the students, faculty, staff and administration.  It was formed to serve to define, defend and protect all student rights, responsibilities and freedoms as well as the general welfare of the SCCC.

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