Evening common hour gets tryout on Grant campus


By Rhyanne Green

  Sports, education, seminars, popular entertainment and workshops–now a student can be a part of all five activities due to the new evening common hour held at the Grant (Brentwood) campus.

     “I want to dance, write stories and learn history in a history club, and with the evening common hour I am able to be in all three activities,” said Summer Morgan,  student. For years the campus has offered a regular common hour on Wednesday’s from 11 a.m.to 12:15 p.m. During these hours students can go to club meetings or be a part of a school activity. All three campuses have common hour and every student does not have a class during common hour.

     The common hour is student  time. Faculty members said they take it as a break.

      “I am able to grade exams and eat my lunch during common hour,” said Adjunct Professor Edward DeLia of the Ammerman campus .

     Common Hour is viewed as a good thing to both faculty and students, but students sometimes tend to have a problem with the regular common hour. “I love common hour but I can only be in one club,” said Bryce Edmonds (Student). All of the club meetings happen at the same time. Additional clubs might meet on another day, for students to participate in more than one club or activity; the student must miss one club meeting one day then another day go to another meeting.

     “This can be very frustrating so the students came up with the idea of evening common hour,” said Jessica Joyce (Faculty member of Grant). 

       During the evening common hour several activities were going on including a dance club meeting, a basic workshop and a lecture about sexual harassment. During the dance club meeting the captain Amanda Rice talked to her club members about the dance try outs and what is expected of them to become a Suffolk Royal Dancer. The students who were in the room were not on the team yet, but they were there for tryouts.  Rice was also telling the girls who the people in office were.  Rice said she is Captain, Kristen Becker is Co Captain, Janell Spencer Treasurer and Bonet Houston is recording secretary. They had the same discussion as a Step Group called Royal Remix from the Ammerman Campus. Both are dance teams but one has their meetings during the day and the other has their meetings during the evening.

      The discussion about sexual harassment was being given by alumnus Jane Brooks  in the Captree Commons room 113B Health. Brooks was discussing in detail how to detect  sexual harassment.

“It can come out of anywhere, and you don’t even notice it,” Brooks said. Brooks talked about how looks, words and body gestures can indicate a person trying to sexually harass you. Towards the end of the lecture she discussed how to react or let the other person know how you are on to them and you do not like it, (feeling is not mutual and you are uncomfortable.) Brooks ended by telling the group a personal story of herself being sexually harassed on her job. She first brought it to the person’s attention, and he continued to be disrespectful. Brooks then reported him. By  law if anyone feels sexual harassment by anybody it is New York State Law that it has to be looked into. Brooks gave some good information and she concluded it with the information of how serious sexual harassment is. The other activities were basketball meetings, Basic meetings (Christian Bible studies) Black Violin practice and belly dancing. All of these clubs took place during the evening common hour.

      Evening common hour is new to this spring 2009 semester.

“All of this was the students idea. Many students complained about how they are limited to be in one club due to the time of the regular common hour,” said Joyce. The student government had a heavy hand in the decision of evening common hour. President of the student government Rebecca Burns said, “Evening common hour is also for the students who work during the day and have evening classes.” The students who mostly have evening classes fill up the rooms during common hour because they have time to do homework and participate in after school activities. Vice President of the student government Victoria Palm said, this is a good opportunity for guest speakers and workshops because not everyone can make it to a day seminar.”

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