Women’s Club speaks about Octuplets

By Kelly Kuzman

During Common Hour on March 4, Women’s Studies professors and Coordinators at Suffolk Community College held a discussion about the recent California Octuplet birth. Professor Sandra Emmachild along with Dr. Gertrude Postl shared strong thoughts amongst the small group present for the meeting. Questioned were the rights of children and the rights of women when it comes to in vitro fertilization in which the octuplets were conceived.
“From a feminist point of view, do I have the right to say how many embryo’s are planted?” Said Dr. Postl, questioning her thoughts of the mother as a woman of today and the risks and health of the babies in which the mother has to care for. Although her opinion is to start with a smaller amount of eggs to be inserted in the woman’s uterus, she is uncomfortable as a feminist to make a statement on what is the right thing to do.
Talk of a law in the state of
Georgia was brought to the discussion. Georgia wants to pass a law limiting the amount of embryos that can be placed in a woman during in vitro fertilization. Also, another topic came up about the mother of the babies having a certain mental disorder, whether is be an obsession of having so many kids or psychological disorders which contribute to her making such decisions. According to Dr. Phil, the women discussed, the mother has a mental disorder. She is currently on welfare, cannot afford to raise her children, lives in a 3 bedroom house with her parents and other six children and she has a liking to become like Angelina Jolie, with a large amount of kids and plastic surgery, especially to enhance her lips.
“I believe it’s a child’s right issue. I can’t see how it’s possible to give all those kids the best intention of life.” Said Prof. Sandra Emmachild. It may be a surprise to hear that the octuplet mom actually went to college for psychology. Children have a need for proper attention from their parent(s), this fact makes feminists on the edge about a child’s right and a woman’s right. “It becomes a medical issue vs. health of mother and health of child”, said Dr. Postl.
The discussion was full of opinion and facts supporting them. The Women’s club encourages students to come to their next event, Wednesday, March 11, which is out of schedule for the club that meets only every other Wednesday. There will be speakers from the Long Island Gay and Lesbian Alliance to talk about what can be done legislatively with their rights. Also, March 16-18 is Women’s Week, The club invited students to participate in the various activities, such as Belly Dancing. This year’s topic is sexuality. As a female student or even a male student who supports the equal rights of women, come join the discussion and share your thoughts.

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