Hawks’ Wings Get Clipped

By Francesca Prestifilippo

The Lady Clippers were getting ready to face-off with their opponents the Lady Hawks of Rockland County Community College for a chance at a win for the first playoff game on Tuesday, Feb.19, at 7 p.m. As the women’s basketball team at SCCC began to warm up for the game, their opposing team appeared on the court wearing green and red jerseys and were looking pretty fierce; but the ladies of SCCC didn’t seem at all intimidated. For one thing, the Lady Clippers had the advantage that the game was taking place on their home turf, which meant that they had the cheerleaders as well as the majority of the crowd on their side cheering them on. This fact, besides the team’s hard work and countless hours of preparation, seemed to help in leading them to victory over the Lady Hawks. With a score of 54-20, Rockland’s Lady Hawks were left ruffled and rocked as the Lady Clippers charged up and down the court scoring basket after basket almost effortlessly.

            Even though the Lady Clippers won the opening tap of the game, the Lady Hawks were the first to score with a three pointer; which was quickly matched by # 15, Natasha Davis who scored the first basket for the Clippers just minutes after. A sense of excitement filled the air at the Brookhaven Gym, (a.k.a. the Lady Clippers’ domain) that had the crowd sitting on the edge of their seats. The Lady Hawks had kept the Lady Clippers’ defense on their toes and ready to regain possession of the ball at any given moment. Both the Clippers’ offensive and defensive lines were constantly looking for openings in their opponents’ plays to steal the ball back and race down the court before the Lady Hawks soared after them (which they were usually successful in this approach).

            During the intensive first half of the game, the Clippers had made counterattacks, deflected attempted shots by their opponents and racked up the points before the shot clock ran out of time. While doing so, the Lady Clippers looked synchronized as they executed various plays and passed the ball to each other.

            Among the many plays executed by the Lady Clippers, there were a few that stood out from the rest. These plays consisted mainly of players Jasmine Dyson (#25), Nil Narbay (#22), Bridget Fowler (#32), Nora Campbell (#33), Natasha Davis (#15), as well as Shatima Greer (#21) who appeared to be the leading scorers of the night. One play that involved #’s 25,22, and 32 was known as a “give and go” play which called for #25 Jasmine Dyson to pass the ball to #22, Nil Narbay who then passed the ball to #32, Bridget Fowler who then proceeded to the basket and scored. Also there was another “give and go” play that involved Fowler (#32) who caught the ball as it bounced off the rebound and then launched the ball to teammate Narbay (#22), who then sent it back to Fowler and she again returned it to Narbay who gave it to Campbell (#33) and then the ball ended up with Dyson (#25) before the Clippers unfortunately lost possession of the ball.

The Lady Clippers have been a part of the National Junior College Athletic Association since the late 1990s and have been named the National Champs (NJCAA DIII) in 2003 (for the first time in SCCC history). Along with receiving the title of the National Champs (NJCAA DIII), the Lady Clippers had finished with the best regular season record in the country at 26-1, and 49-2 over two years as well as winning Region XV championship for the second year in a row. In addition, the Lady Clippers’ own Shatima Greer (#21) had received the All-Region Players award for the 2008 season, and Nora Campbell (#32) has received the All-Region Players award for the 2009 season. Also Kevin Foley, who has been with the SCCC Lady Clippers for 10 years, has been awarded the Coach of the Year award this year along with a win of his 300th game as the Lady Clippers’ coach.  

            The women advanced to the finals of the Region XV Women’s Basketball Championships where they were named runners-up to Monroe Community College, who beat them 81-53 in the final game.


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