Tuition Increases, Benefits Decrease

By Elysha Giatras

Since the 2005-2006 school year, tuition has increased 23 percent, with little change to show for it. The college now has an aesthetically pleasing plaza, undoubtedly adding beauty to the campus, but the change hasn’t offered a solution to other problems.

The journey a student embarks on every morning to get to class, as well as every afternoon to get as far away as possible is often overlooked. The perils of parking are reason enough for a headache, though the fault for that lies on no one but the dense population of the students. The roadways and intersections that lead to the parking lots however, are the real problem, or rather the lack of stop signs and traffic lights on them.

The last storm that hit Long Island made the campus look like a snow covered war zone (unlike its regular war zone-esque appearance). Dozens of cars were trapped in parking lots for over an hour, trying desperately to get on the main road leading out of campus. People already on that road wouldn’t allow others to merge in, or pass over to the opposite lane, even when the flow of traffic stopped completely. Collisions are abundant on campus as it is, without the extra-fun element of snow.

If people on campus will not be courteous, or in the very least, abide by common driving laws, (what part of ‘never block an intersection’ do we not get?!) there should be some sort of contraption, an apparatus if you will, that controls traffic; perhaps a light or stop sign. They seem to work great elsewhere. Maybe Suffolk should try to adapt this kind of technology.

Wouldn’t it be just swell, if for once, it didn’t take 20 minutes to get from lot four to Middle Country Road? Or to save precious energy and creative explicative’s for when you really need them?

Once a student has actually made it on campus and has found a parking spot (usually farthest possible from where they need to be), there still lies the feat of getting into the building. The condition of the campus is not only becoming unappealing but also physically unsafe, notably; the crumbling cement stairs outside of some of the buildings. Metal slip guards were at one time placed on the edges of the stairs, but now some of those guards are coming off, making them even more dangerous. The windows in some of the buildings like Southampton and Riverhead, either won’t open or won’t close, so on windy days like the past few, windows will fly open, nearly shattering.

People will still attend Suffolk, regardless of the inevitable wear and tear it takes, the lack of upkeep it receives, and the absurd increases in tuition every year. The increase in tuition should be reflected in the appearance and efficiency of the school. The few fixes done in the past couple years were beautiful additions, but did little in the way of benefiting the people of SCCC. Unless, of course the clock tower has enabled students to be more mindful of the time, having some positive affect on tardiness, though the theory seems implausible.

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